Messy and Sensory Play Shopping List


Top Ten Tuff Tray Themes

10 Ways To Play With Water

Rainbow Play

Wooden Toys from The Wooden Play Den

Sensory Spring Garden Small World Play

Marshmallow Spaghetti Construction

Edible Castle Construction

invitation to play

Baby Play: Catalogues and Magazines

Baby Play: Bloks

Baby Play: Roll Play

Role Play: Twinkl Twinkl Tea Shop

Tuff Spot: Pumpkin Patch Play

Sensory Play: Fairy Sand

Fairy Week: Sensory Soup and Water Bead Tea

star water play

Sensory Play: Snow

Tuff Spot: ‘Instruction’ Construction Site

Sensory Small World: Stars

Sensory Salt Dough Play

Tuff Spot: Painting

Water Play

Messy Play: Toy Wash

Tuff Spot: Construction Site

Tuff Spot: Farmyard Tales

Tuff Spot: Seaside and Snow

Tuff Spot: Chocolate Playdough

Messy Play: Dinosaur World

Small World: Dinosaur Lands

No Play Like Snow Play

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