5 weeks old today!


Day 36, 32+3, 5 weeks old today!

And Louise says to be ready for them coming home from 36 weeks!  That is three and a half weeks from now!  That is before my birthday!  If that does happen I think that we will have our two weeks on our own, then grandparents and innediate family only until after their due date in October, then we can welcome other, healthy(!) visitors.

William is now on what is known as ‘rescue CPAP’ which basically means that he will not use it anymore unless he gets ill or exhausted from breathing on his own.  He now weighs 1810g which is pretty much 4lbs. 

Esther lost a little bit of weight and weighs about 3lb 5oz. 

Today we tried feeding again twice, once on our own and once when David was there.  He was very impressed at how clever they were.  William did much better than yesterday.  He tried so hard at sucking but he is very lazy about opening his mouth so it hurt me a bit.  Esther opened her mouth wide and got stuck right in!  She is a very clever little thing!

Tony and Mary visited today and were able to see Esther and William in the twin cot together.  It was very special.

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