30 Reasons Why I Love My Fiance

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An old post re-aired. One year ago today I went into labour with our beautiful children Esther and William. David was amazingly strong as our babies arrived 13 weeks too soon. He has continued to be a wonderful fiance and father for 12 whole months and I love him with all my heart. Tonight (23/7) we are having our first night out together in over a year! I love my fiance!

We get married 7 weeks today!

I wrote this for David on his 30th birthday and just wanted to share how very lucky I am.  I spend a lot of time and words writing on this blog about our children and they of course would not be here if it were not for him!!  I would not be the person I am now had I not met him.  He is pretty fab really and I wanted him to know!


  1. I love your smile, makes me smile straight back at you
  2. I love your arms, I feel safe when I am in them
  3. I love your eyes, they are warm and friendly with a hint of mischievousness
  4. I love the way your tongue sits snugly behind your teeth
  5. I love that you are strong and yet so gentle
  6. I love that you love me and know how lucky I am for that
  7. I love your memory and your knowledge of stuff
  8. I love your ability to apply what you learn to life
  9. I love that you do everything you do to the best of your ability
  10. I love your thoughtfulness and consideration of others
  11. I love your patience, especially with me
  12. I love your vision, ambition, drive and determination for the future
  13. I love the way you kiss me – don’t ever stop!
  14. I love that you can’t stop touching me, and that you don’t, even when I am grumpy about it
  15. I love your laugh and wish that I could hear it more often
  16. I love the way you write and hope there will be time for you to write more one day
  17. I love to watch you when you climb and jump and play
  18. I love to see your wonderful relationship with your Mother
  19. I love you for your honesty, thank you
  20. I love you for accepting me and loving me and everything that I am
  21. I love you for listening and really hearing what I say
  22. I love you for ignoring the things you know I do not mean
  23. I love you for standing up to me, challenging me and making me a better person
  24. I love you for making me want to be the best that I can be … for you, for us
  25. I love you for the little things that come to mean so much – The West Wing being one!
  26. I love you for your encouragement, assurance and reassurance
  27. I love that you are such a vital important part of my world, the heart of my life
  28. I love that you are such a fantastic Dad to our beautiful babies
  29. I love that before you are 31 you will be my husband and I will be your wife
  30. I love you for being you, for finding me and keeping me and letting me be yours

David has been such a steadfast captain for us, charting our course as a family, steering the ship and navigating any obstacles. We would be entirely lost without him. Thankfully more often than not he is right here. Right by my side.

I am so excited for our future and our family adventures

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