On the Ning Nang Nong

Today I have been searching through my old teaching files and found these poems written by children in Year 2.  They will be in Year 6 now!  The poems are based, quite obviously, on Spike Milligan’s On the Ning Nang Nong.  I remember this being a wonderful, fun lesson and if I can find the planning that went with it then I will post that too.  In the meantime please enjoy the poems.

On the Zig Zag Zog by Daniel and Luke

On the zig zag zog

Where the owls go wog!

And the dolphins all say shoo!

There’s a zag zog zig

Where the rats go big!

And gorillas liver laver loo!

On the zog zig zag

All the mice go clag!

And you just can’t catch ‘em when they do.

So it’s zig zag zog

Owls go wog!

Zag zog zig

Rats go big!

Zog zig zag

Mice go clag!

What a noisy place to have a sob!

Is the zig zag zig zag zog!

On the Bip Bap Bop by Darby and Francesca

On the bip bap bop

Where the chicks go clop!

And the piglets all go wooo!

There’s a bip bap bop

Where the rabbits go plop!

And the dogs go rapper rapper roop!

On the bip bap bop

All the horses say hop

And you just can’t catch ‘em when they do!

So, it’s bip bap bop

The chicks go clop!

Bip bap bop

Rabbits go plop!

Bip bap bop

Horses say hop!

What a noisy place to have a chop

Is the bip bap bip bap bop! 

On the Zim Zam Zoom by Alex, Harry and Sam 

On the zim zam zoom

Where the ants go boom!

And the horses all say soom!

On the zoom zam zim

Where the ducks go kim!

And the teatocks tibber tagger choo!

On the zoom zim zam

All the pigs shout Ham!

And you just can’t catch ‘em when they do!

So it’s zim zam zoom

The ants go boom!

Zoom zam zim

Ducks go kim!

Zoom zim zam

Pigs shout ham!

What a noisy place to have a room!

Is the zim zam zim zam zoom!

On the Clip Clap Clop by Grace and Abbie

On the clip clap clop

Where the horse goes pop!

And the cows just moo moo moo!

There’s a clop clip clap

Where the rats all flap!

And the pigs go clipper clapper cloo!

On the clap clop clip

All the fleas shout flip!

And you just can’t catch ‘em when they do.

So, it’s clip clap clop

The horse goes pop!

Clop clip clap

The rats all flap!

Clap clop clip

The fleas shout flip!

What a noisy place to stop and flop

Is the clip clap clip clap clop! 

On the Nish Nash Nosh by Jenny and Isla

On the nish nash nosh

Where the dogs are posh!

And the rabbits all say noo!

There’s a nosh nash nish

Where the pigs go flish!

And the hamsters nigger nagger noo!

On the nish nosh nash

All the cats go lash!

And you just can’t catch ‘em when they do!

So, it’s nash nish nosh!

The dogs are posh!

Nosh nash nish

The pigs go flish!

Nish nosh nash

The cats go lash!

What a noisy place to have a wash!

Is the nish nash nish nash nosh!

5 thoughts on “On the Ning Nang Nong

  1. I love this lesson and really want to do this as an interview that I have on monday. Was just wondering if you ever found the lesson plan for this session?

  2. hi did you find the lesson plan?
    im doing my prac teaching and have to use this poem to teach nonsense to year 3
    never been in a year 3 class so im not even sure how to approach this
    id imagine it would be a fun lesson

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