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The brief for this fortnights Blog Gems is Creativity.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

I have decided to air from my archives some work that I did with my old year 5 and 6 class on Weather Idioms.

It was a really fun lesson and we listened to weather music whilst creating our masterpieces. It was creativity at its best in all its forms.

Since publishing the original post I have found some of the children’s weather poems that they wrote as part of the same project. I thought that I might share these too.

Creative children at their best!

Ever Changing Weather

The weather comes in different brands,
Some of which comes through the land.
Like sleet and snow, and sun and rain,
All of which will come again.
My favourites are the sun and snow,
Not when winds and gales blow!
Why can’t weather stay the same?
Like the sun, the rainbows,
And don’t forget the pitter patter rain.
But sometimes weather can be confused,
Si it comes out with the winter blues.
And other times it is just plain bored,
So he shouts “Make way lord!”
And he gurgles out a bit of sun,
Then chokes up rain, and away the rain runs.
After that he spits out snow,
But where does all this weather go?
Who knows for sure? Nobody knows.

By Kaysie Glover

Raindrop Pictures

On a rainy day,
You can watch all the raindrops,
As they fall down, down, down,
On the window pane.
I have a place by the window,
Where I like to sit,
And watch the rain,
While I knit.
When I look at the raindrops,
I can see anything.
Raindrop birds,
With raindrop wings.
Raindrop people,
A raindrop sky,
I wave to the people,
As they pass by.
A raindrop pond,
With raindrop ducks,
A raindrop baby,
Whose thumb she sucks.

Raindrop children,
A raindrop school,
Raindrop swimmers,
In a raindrop pool.
Now, Oh no!
I can see the sun!
The raindrops have dried,
Now I’m done.

The Storm

BANG! The sky roars like a proud lion,
So deafeningly loud the ground shakes with terror,
The sky is so dark it’s as if the sun is not there,
The animals scamper for cover

CRASH! The neon yellow lightning strikes the shivering trees,
As they stretch their dismal, leaf-less branches,
The people are safe inside their houses, curtains drawn, nice and warm,
The storm is far from over

PITTER PATTER! The torrential rain soaks the bleak landscape,
The tearful trees, drip…drip…drip… as the water slides off the thin branches
The wind blows the rain so hard it blocks the landscape from view,
It thunders on the windows with rage

SILENCE! The storm is calming,
The wind drops, the rain slows to a gentle shower,
The thunder travels across the sky, echoing in the quiet country,
The storm is over here, but it is just starting somewhere else.

By Lydia Ross
Year 6


The wind is a bully to the buildings
Smashing and cracking windows
And blowing holes right through

The wind is a bully to the people
Blowing people over and blowing the church steeple right over

The wind is a bully to the ground
It forces rain that floods the land
It tears trees out by their roots
It smashes mountains and beats the fields
and suddenly it calms down like it has gone to sleep
I won’t get in its way
Will you?

War of the weathers
By William Andrews

As the sun comes up,
And the rain pours down.
There will be such a cry,
And such a clash of sound.

With a smash of hail,
And a bomb of light.
They’re dying, they’re fading,
I think the bad side have won this fight.

A hero, a hero,
The snow has come at last.
With his mighty white powers,
He let out a blast!

“Stop rain, calm down sun,
Surely here no one has won”.
With no sound of lightning nor a gun,
The sun and the rain together as one.

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