The Gallery – Mother Love

Because I am so pleased with my poem I am submitting this to Blog Gems as my favourite post.

Awe and Wonder

Proud Mummy

I am late with this post as I have been away on holiday but I hope that people will still take the time to read it and comment. This is so important to me. I want to share photos of my first few days as a Mother in NICU with Esther and William. It was two days before I was able to hold Esther, longer than that for William. It was over a week before William could open his eyes. The start of motherhood was different for me but no less than special for mothers’ of healthy full term babies.

This is my interpretation of Mother Love in words and pictures.

Tiny, fragile, paper thin
Standing outside, looking in
Shiny, gleaming, quite brand new
Frightened, lonely, watching you
Breathing laboured, heartbeat fast
Want to hold you, scared to ask
Eyes tight shut, body sprawled
How do I protect you through a glass wall?
So many wires, tapes and tubes
When will they tell me what to do?
Son and daughter, separate box
Mother, father, longing looks
So precious, such beauty
So quiet, so still
Where is my Mummy?
I’m waiting until …

Elation, comfort, joy so pure
Cautious, careful, uncertain, unsure
New feelings, sensations, this has to be right
I’m Mummy, I’m Daddy, no sleeping tonight
You touched me, I felt you!
I touched you, I love you x
The beeping, the flashing
Will they haunt us forever?
Mummy nothing will hurt us
Not once we’re together
Be patient my mother
Grow stronger my son
We will have forever
My babies
Our Mum!

My daughter, I have you
You are here in my arms
Can’t explain how I love you
I will keep you from harm
I’ll never desert you
I’ll never give up
I’ll be by your side
Til your time here is up
So tiny, so light
So perfect, just right
My son and my daughter
How wondrous you smell
I’ll love you forever
I’ll know you so well
My daughter, my son
I’m filled with such love
I know you’ll survive now
We’ll never give up
I’ve held you, I’ve got you
I’ll never let go
I’d give you the world
And I want you to know
I love you x

12 thoughts on “The Gallery – Mother Love

  1. Your poem brought a tear to my eye. Beepings and flashings, not daring to ask for a hold, glass walls. Powerful imagery and memories. I wish I could write words like that, such perfect words on Mother’s love in the NICU.

    I love the photos too – kangaroo care!

    Incidentally, your NICU had the same little incubator nests that ours had. How cute are they when they’re all wrapped up in them? xXx

  2. I keep meaning to write more poetry, when I have the time to do it well I will. I find it very therapeutic. I can write poems easily and quickly so should try to do more with it really x
    Can’t believe how tiny they were not that long ago, now they seem giant but still very cute x
    Hope the Bliss work is going well, I am following your progress x

  3. It’s beautiful Jennie. I’ve always found poetry in English more musical than in French. Is it just my imagination or there is a reference to the book Owl babies here ? :-)

  4. My eyes are leaking like mad – that is the most beautiful poem about becoming a mother I’ve ever read! Such powerful emotions so eloquently put.

  5. Beautiful. And look at them now – your terrible twosome. But having lost Tilda, reading this must break your heart. But you will always be her Mummy – you held her, you got her – and you will never let her go xxx

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