034/365 I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends

Fun with Daddy!

Today we went to the seaside at Hythe. It was a glorious sunny day and we had a picnic by the sea. William paddled his feet in the water for the first time and loved it. As soon as he saw the sea he was desperate to get close to it. He also loved examining the pebbles on the beach, we managed to stop him eating any of them!

Esther and William (and I) made friends with another little boy on the beach. The babies love people at the moment and children in particular! It made me think of the fun we are going to have in years ahead, the friends the babies will make!

Esther and William are such fun at the moment. They love grabbing each other, mouthing each other, rolling on each other, smiling and giggling at each other. It is wonderful to watch. They are becoming friends themselves, the very best of friends!

I thought you might like to see x

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