My Fridge – A Window into my World?

The lovely Alison from PLUS 2.4 has tagged me for the fridge meme that has been doing the rounds. I just remembered about it yesterday as I unpacked my Sainsburys delivery.

We are having a little fridge trouble here at the moment in that our lovely big fridge is acting more like a freezer and so all our food is camping out in the small drinks fridge.

So here I reveal the rather squashed contents of our fridge and leave it to your curious minds to work out what the groceries tell you about me and mine. Apart from that like every good mother I have a solid stock of fromage frais!!

Tomatoes, chillies and cheese
Cheddar, Boursin and Brie
Chocolate Mousse and Fromage Frais
Creme Fraiche from the other day
Salad dressing, salad leaves
Spinach, onion, sugar snap peas
Peppers of every single colour
Mushrooms of one kind and another
Gammon, bacon, chicken beef
Pizza toppings, two types of quiche
Low fat yoghurt, 1% milk
Butter and marg, of that ilk
Guacomole, houmous, cheese and chive
Keeps the fajita dream alive!

So there we have it, the food we shall feast on this coming week chilling quietly in the cooler.

What’s in your fridge?

And that tag team are my BMB Comment Group, I apologise if any of you have been tagged before x

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5 thoughts on “My Fridge – A Window into my World?

  1. I did wait until a fresh shop was delivered and neatly put away it has to be said. Will not look like that by tomorrow I am sure x
    When my Mum was staying with us she was amazed by healthy the contents of our fridge were but I think only because the contents of hers and so mine as a child were so unhealthy. That has played a huge part in influencing the contents of my fridge now x

  2. Damn! that means I need to give the fridge a good clean – or maybe I’ll do the holiday fridge in Cornwall at the weekend :) Thanks for the tag

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