RIP Peter Day

Tomorrow will be a very sad day for David and I as we say goodbye to our dear friend, Peter Day.

I had known Peter for just four years but David has known Peter since he was ten years old and they had a very close relationship. This of course meant than once I got together with David I too developed a very special friendship with the gorgeous old man.

He made it his business to get to know me and I am certain that he was checking that I was good enough for David! Thankfully I understood his humour, I answered all the questions he repeated each time we met and as we got to know each other it was clear that we were going to get along, I was going to be just right for his David!

We knew Peter through Staplehurst Dramatic Society where we were all members. Peter was the president and had been with the society for over 50 years.

Peter was a gentleman. He was old school. He was quirky and funny and had a heart of gold. He was a flirt too, the old devil, never missing an opportunity for a cuddle. He was a pleasure to spend time with and knew how to make people smile. He was a teacher, like me, and loved children. We talked a lot about school and teaching. He was very supportive of me, my career and came to see the school plays that I directed. He helped me get supply work in the village school by singing my praises to the Head there. The children at the school loved working with him and reading to him. They had great repsect for the man he was and the teacher he had been.

Peter Day had faith in me, he had faith in all people and he wanted to help in whatever way he could.

At drama he liked my acting style and thought I was very old fashioned because I had good diction and a loud, clear voice. He always had good things to say.

Peter and David enjoyed a friendship full of jokes and banter. There was a mutual respect between them and an affection that was clear to see.

David and I enjoyed taking Peter out for lunch or a drink and he seemed to enjoy our company too. Our dear old friend.

He will be missed.

I am very sad that he is gone and so sad that we never got the chance to introduce him to the twins. He would have loved to meet them. I know that he will also leave a larger than life hole in our wedding celebrations later this year too. I know for certain he would have been queuing for a dance with the bride!!

RIP old friend.

Enjoy your reunion with Teddy and be happy.

We miss you x

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