The Gallery – April Firsts

In April we had our first swim in a pool
Our first dip into the sea
A Bumpkins massage with our Mum
Helped by Helen and Kelly

In April we played in the garden
We had a paddling pool too
We went to the beach in Cornwall
We took photos of it all for you

In April we wore our first sun hats
We stayed in our first hotel
We learnt to sit straight all on our own
And now we both do it quite well!

In April we got our first treasure baskets
Made just for us by our Mum
We watched our first Royal Wedding
We went to the beach in the sun

In April we went to the marathon
In London to see Uncle run
Our Daddy made us a cardboard house
In which we have lots of fun

In April we were given a playpen
Filled with wonderful toys
We are learning to play together
Making much mess and much noise!

In April we learned how to cuddle
We hang on with all our might
Now when Mummy cuddles us
We cuddle her back really tight

William learned to crawl(?) through a tunnel
Esther wrinkles her nose like a pig
We are starting to get strong now
We are beginning to be big!

Our pushchair faces forward
We had our first Mothers’ Day
And now we chortle and babble and coo
We both have so much to say

In April we swung together
Then went for a solo swing
We’ve had such a wonderful April
Who knows what joys May might bring?

10 thoughts on “The Gallery – April Firsts

  1. Gosh., you had a very eventful and busy April! Your poem is fab and I love your photos showing all their firsts. What a lovely record of a month in you and your family’s life x

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