Bye Bye Bouncer!

Today we are packing away our bouncy chair as Esther and William have finally grown out of their first ever seat!

The Fisher Price Precious Planet Baby Bouncer Chair actually holds babies until they are 20lbs but Esther and William are just too wriggly to be contained safely and so after nine and a half months service our favourite chair is being packed away.

This colourful, comfy chair has been used for sleeping, feeding and playing since the babies first came home from hospital at just under 3 months old.

The seat can be bounced by a parental foot when the baby is small and babies can then bounce themselves when they are longer and heavier. If they do not want to bounce then the calming vibrations can be turned on instead.

The seat has a toy bar that can be removed when play time is over. Esther and William used to smile at their bright, plastic, musical friends whenever rest time was over and their plastic friends returned.

This bouncy chair can be moved around the house to enable the babies to experience different sounds and views. It was a great value for money buy that we will definitely be keeping for our next baby and then handing down to others.

A super seat for infants.

4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bouncer!

  1. Evan has the exact same chair and adores it! He’s getting a bit big for it too but can’t sit unsupported in a high chair. I’m hoping lots of time in the bumbo will develop his back muscles so he can finally move out of this chair …

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