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This month I am going to be writing a series of posts about weaning. The focus is going to be on my experiences of weaning Esther and William, of weaning premature twins.

As part of this series of posts I am hoping to review a range of baby foods and other weaning products including feeding tools, accessories, cleaning products and bibs!

When I told Beauty and the Bib about my plans they agreed to send me two of their bibs to review to kick start the project.

We tried them out at lunch time today and were really very pleased with them indeed.

Just two days after making email contact the bibs arrived in the post beautifully packaged in organza gift bags. A very thoughtful touch making such practical items pretty present ideas.

I was impressed with Lara’s attention to detail. Realising that I had boy/girl twins she sent us two star shaped bibs saying ‘I love my sister/brother’. A happy accident I think about the star shapes is that Esther’s name means Star and we sometimes call her this for short!

Once the babies were seated in their highchairs for lunch I put their bibs on them. The star shaped bibs are made from cotton terry towelling and are so so soft. They have an absorbent layer which means that the babies are kept dry no matter how much of their food comes back out of their mouth!! We are very new at this eating thing!!

The bibs dry really quickly in the sun and so will be great to use as we train Esther and william to take milk and water from a cup.

The star shape as well as being pretty is practical as it means the babies have their arms free. Lots of baby bibs that we have tried prevent Esther and William from using their arms as they are underneath the bib. It sounds silly, I know, but because of their prematurity Esther and William are smaller than most babies being weaned and it can cause us some problems.

Esther and William often complain when wearing bibs and when we put them on but they seemed to enjoy wearing these ones. I think this is because the material is so soft and the neck of the bib is padded. This made a real difference for Esther in particular who suffers from eczema around her neck.

The other great thing about these star bibs is that the towelling is on both sides rather than there being a plastic backing. The absorbent mid layer makes the plastic unecessary and so the second soft side can be used after the meal as a very soft and gentle face wipe. Esther and William hate having their faces washed but seemed to rather like the gentle caress of their star bib!

After lunch I rinsed the bibs in the sink with warm water and managed to remove most of the food to prevent staining. I then hung them on the line and they were ready to be used again in time for tea. The bibs can also be machine washed, tumble dried and iron so really are very Mummy friendly as well as being good for babies!

Beauty and the Bib get a huge thumbs up from the ESTWILL household and we will definitely be ordering some bibs to use over the coming months to aid our weaning process. I am also adding the Beauty and the Bib website to my favourites list for buyng presents for babies of family abd friends. The site is full of practical and fun gift ideas for newborns, christening and first birthdays. And speaking of the website I am so impressed with how easy it is to use and how clear the information is presented for the customer. The website looks great too!

Why not check it out for yourself and see if you are tempted by any of the bibs (or other items) for your own beauties!

PS – If you sign up for the Beauty and Bib Newsletter you will get 20% off your first order!

3 thoughts on “Review: Beauty and the Bib

  1. Hahaha brilliant! My Mum bought E a beauty and the bib, bib on Friday. It’s lovely .. so soft and so brilliantly made. How wonderful that you have them too :) ….. Loving Williams high chair.. may I ask – where did you get it from?
    Millie xx

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