Fudgy Comes to Stay: A Review

Esther and William will be 7 months corrected age next week. Developmentally they are at the stage where they love cuddles with people and stuffed toys. They are starting to develop preferences for certain toys and stories. They are beginning to learn animal noises and laugh out loud at Mummy’s attempts to do them authentically.

With all of this in mind I was thrilled when carefully wrapped in a padded envelope a little bear named Fudgy arrived at our door.

Fudgy is a proper teddy bear. He is a bear from days of old with soft velvety paws and curly cuddly fur. He has moveable arms and legs making him just perfect for cuddling up close or showing Esther and William how to sit properly when waiting for their tea!

Fudgy is a quality bear and he came to our house bearing gifts. Fudgy brought two of his very own books documenting his adventures out in the big wide world; and to Esther and William’s delight both books are full of pictures of animals and the story lines require Mummy to make those silly animal noises!

Fudgy’s books, written by Sarah Marley, are stunning. They are glossy paperbacks filled with bright colourful photographs and creative text. They are exciting to look at. The animals seem to be jumping out of the pages into our living room as we read. The text is easy to read and begs to be read aloud. These are perfect books for babies and young children.

I can also imagine these beooks being used at school. As a Year 2 teacher I know that my pupils would be able to read these independently and use them as models for thier own writing. What great holiday homework? Take your favourite teddy out for the day and write a diary.

I think that we may start doing that for Esther and William actually. They both adore Fudgy, so much so that I may have to buy another one! Fudgy twins!

You could use Fudgy to prepare the babies for a long trip in the car by showing what Fudgy would do. Either in book format or perhaps a series of flashcards that can show a sequence of events. You could make a book about Fudgy’s bedtime routine so that Esther and William can learn their routine and want to do it to be like their favourite bear, Fudgy! Fudgy goes to the dentist would be a great one to make yourself and put in pictures of your actual dentist so that when the babies arrive they already feel a bit familiar. Same with Fudgy visits Grandma, especially if like us Nanny lives far away. These are great books already made and have so so much potential.

Fudgy has a blog and a Facebook page. He is also on Twitter. What a modern bear! And yet truly old fashioned at the same time.

There are also more books to be collected

Fudgy Meets the Baby Animals
Fudgy Goes to the Seaside (coming soon)
Counting with Fudgy

The other great thing about all of these books is that at the back they have a quiz page, again bursting with photographs, to aid comprehension as the children get older.

These books provide perfect family fun as well as being a valuable educational resource.

Well done Fudgy! We are so glad you came to stay and hope to get hold of your twin brother or sister very very soon.

If you would like Fudgy to visit your children you can find out more information here and can also buy Fudgy and his books directly.

Here are Esther and William enjoying Fudgy and his books x

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