The Gallery: My Backyard

We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful Kent village surrounded by rolling hills and patchwork fields. The air is scented with flowers and freshly cut grass at this time of the year. The sun highlights our locality’s beauty. There is nothing better as summer arrives than taking in the wonder that is my backyard. Every day, at least once, I take Esther and William for a walk in their buggy and allow the sights and sounds and smells of the Kent countryside assault my senses in the most magical and uplifting way. It is a tonic for any ailment, a relief for any stress. Walking through these leafy lanes calms me, inspires me and makes me feel at home. Come, take a walk with us today x

11 thoughts on “The Gallery: My Backyard

  1. I come from kent and will never get bored of looking at pictures of lovely Kent countryside! Ah how I miss it! It truly is the “Garden of England” y’know! ;)

  2. Stunning! I think we forget sometimes how beautiful the English countryside is. So lush and green, we are very lucky. Great photos x

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