May Milestones

Another month has passed
And day by passing day
We’ve made it through together
Through the month of May

And as we come out the other side
We look back at the journey
Examine the ride
Reflect on how we’ve laughed and cried

31 long days there are
In the Spring month of May
We have learned so much together
Through working and through play

Esther you have learned to crawl
Fore and back you do it all
William you can pull yourself up
You both drink water from a cup

William escaped the living room
And discovered the land of dining
You have both had colds, been teething too
With lots of cries and whining

You both now ask for cuddles
We have started Sing and Sign
You both have much more hair now
So golden, soft and fine

You both are sleeping better
And you both eat so much food
Sandwiches, bread sticks, carrots, cheese too
All of which are reflected in your poo!!

You like to watch TV now
To start and end the day
I give you musical instruments
And as we watch we play

You have started going to Gym Babes
We have a Home Start volunteer
I love you more each and every day
And hate not having you near

I love to watch you eat sausages
And suck on juicy prunes
I love that you can climb on me
And that you scoot around our rooms

I have to watch you carefully
Or else you head for troubles
Chewing wires is a favourite thing
And watching Mummy blow bubbles

You love going to Baby Sensory
You enjoy a massage too
You are changing in ways every day
As you discover what makes you you

William you can move from crawl to sit
And then from sit to crawl
Esther can now stand and play
Though short legged girl, you’re tall

You both love listening to Mummy sing
You love to hear stories too
You love it when your Daddy is home
And he makes funny noises for you

Daddy took you to Sainsburys
In a special trolley for twins
You’ve started fighting over toys
And Esther seems smug when she wins

The two of you are adorable
I cannot imagine you not in my life
I know I will love you the rest of my days
No matter what trouble you cause or strife

You sleep in your cots now long ways round
You chatter to your toys
You are starting to collect bruises and scrapes
You make the most beautiful noise

We are finalists and toyologists
The Tweanies you two are too
This has been a wonderful month
To be either one or both of you

What a lot we have achieved
How much you’ve changed and grown
You are the most beautiful and clever children
That I have ever known

I am so proud to be your Mummy
I am amazed how far we have come
How strong we are growing together
Esther, William, Dad and Mum

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