Night Monkey Day Monkey Book Review

Night Monkey Day Monkey

Over the last couple of weeks we have been reading and rereading a book which is becoming a firm favourite in the Nairn Henley household. A Julia Donaldson picture book about night and day, through the eyes of two little monkeys. I am sure that on some level Esther and William understand that they are my little monkeys and that is why they love the story so much. It’s one of the reasons I do x

The monkeys in the book are incredibly cute and their tale is told with the rhythm and rhyme synonymous with their creator. It is a story that explores the concepts of night and day, being afraid of the dark and being nervous in new situations.

It is a jungle adventure and a model of friendship and compromise. As the monkeys learn about each other’s opposite worlds, they also learn to be the best of friends.

This book can provide a great starting point for many meaningful conversations or just enjoyed as a simple story about two cute and cuddly monkeys.

The illustrations, by Lucy Richards, are wonderful adding to the charm of this fabulous children’s book.

A great way to introduce opposites to children or to use when learning to tell the time, thinking about am, pm, night and day.

A great story for twins, of two little monkeys off on their adventures, pushing the boundaries and exploring their limits.

Ideal bedtime reading and just a highly recommended read that we have all thoroughly enjoyed.

Night Monkey, Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson.

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