My Boy Bill

It seems that on the 30th May I was a little premature in writing up Esther and William’s milestones for the month because the 31st of May turned out to be a rather momentous day.

Esther got her first black eye, William grazed his head …

… and then, oh joy of joys, William cut his first tooth!!

I was examining a little mark on his lip from his rough and tumble play earlier on when I discovered a tiny white ridge, a sharp, slimy, slither of a tooth, glittering white, nestled in his podgy pink gum.

My beautiful son has his very first tooth!

My Boy Will!

And so to mark this awesome occasion I have made a little montage of my boy. This is also being posted on the day that we take our William for his echo, heart scan, to see if the hole in his heart has closed. Fingers crossed x

William is not actually going to be a Bill, from the start it was decided that William, as he gets older, will become a Will but this seems rather fitting today.

My (Our) Boy Bill.

We dedicate this video to Great Grandad Henley who is getting himself better in hospital. He is another Bill, William’s namesake, and we hope that he is feeling much better soon.

William has a tooth!!

2 thoughts on “My Boy Bill

  1. I broke my heart the first black-eye that The Boy had.

    I love his bib and he’s got a gorgeous smile! It’s such a magic moment when you realise the first little toothie-peg has popped through (you wait ’til you’re begging the final four to come through!) and nothing will be safe from being chomped on now.

    So pleased that his echo has come back with a positive result.

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