MAD Finalist Shock Confession! I Want To Win!


We are just 10 days away from the final voting day for the MAD Blog Awards and I have to admit to you all that I am in actual fact desperate to win and be The MAD Best Baby Blog of 2011. It would just be a wonderful way to celebrate the end of the toughest yet most amazing year of my life. This year has been all about baby for me, and not just one baby but two! My beautiful twins, born at just 27 weeks, Esther Grace and William Nairn.

If you are new to Edspire I would like to share some posts with you that might persuade you to vote for me, for us, to win Best Baby Blog 2011. If you are a regular reader then please reread and perhaps leave a comment to show us your support?

Reasons why you might like to vote for Edspire …

First Ever Post
Labour Day
After Birth

Most Read Post
Breastfeeding Premature Twins

Least Read Post
Musical Memories – New Beginnings

Most Read Review
Twin Toyologist Tryout

Least Read Review
Zu3D – Learning Through Play

Post I Am Proud Of
Dear Parents of Twins

Post That Surprised Me
Juggling Twins – Book Review (I got a lovely email from the author!!)

Posts That Best Show Off Edspire
Dear Esther and William
The Gallery My Blog
30 Reasons Why I Love My Fiance
April Firsts
May Milestones

This past year has been an amazing journey for us as a family and Edspire as a blog. In our first 10 months we have grown and learned so much, together. We have loved sharing our hopes, dreams, challenges and goals, and hope that we may get your vote in return as we aim to celebrate our year with winning MAD Best Baby Blog.

Please vote for us. I cannot hide it anymore, I am desperate to win!


8 thoughts on “MAD Finalist Shock Confession! I Want To Win!

  1. Good luck with your contest. I was fortunate that my twins stayed put until 34 weeks, after 7 weeks of bedrest. I had pre-term labor at 27 weeks, so mine could have been born as early as yours. Wow. I’ll have to come back and see the full story. They certainly look super healthy now. Best!

  2. I’m also in the final as most inspiring and blogger of the year and like u really excited. You go girl and shout it from the roof tops there’s nothing wrong with wanting to win! Don’t we all? I do lol Congrats I’m in 2 papers on Tuesday. Hoping it helps with the votes in last week. Ps They are one set of beautiful twins:) Gosh u must be proud.xx

  3. I just voted for you (Twice for twins), good luck with it all have a good holiday see you when your back let me know how the voting goes. Please feel free to post on my wall for more votes.

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