The Tweanies: Beauty and the Bib

A month ago The Tweanies tested some star bibs from Beauty and the Bib and we were very pleased with the product that we tried. They were comfortable, funky and did the job that we needed them to do.

Esther and William are being weaned with a mix of purees and finger foods. The finger foods is very slow going because of their prematurity they do not yet have the pincer grip that other babies their age might have and their hand eye coordination is somewhat lacking. Watching them chase raisins round a bowl though funny for me is torture for them. But we are making progress and their favourite things at the moment are chese sandwiches and crumpets!

Crumpets they love when softened with unsalted buter. What a mess!

I had images in my head of lots of ruined, grease stained clothes but once again Beauty and the Bib have come to our rescue. This time with their plastic/oilcloth bibs.

These bibs are available in a range of beautiful patterns for boys and girls. Esther has vintage floral and William has William Morris (very apt!)

These laminated bibs are wipe clean and suitable to wear at feeding time, whilst the terry reverse is a dribble bib. Oilcloth is durable, supple, wipeable and pliant. Teamed with cotton terry towelling makes it soft and comfy too.

We have used these bibs many times now and find them particularly useful on days out as they can be wiped clean and put back in the bag, then reused for the next meal or snack. They are also great to put on when Esther and Wiliam are drinking. They are just learning to drink from beakers and much of their water goes down their fronts rather than in their mouths. These plastic bibs protect their clothes and also their skins from getting too wet. The towelling backing of these bibs makes them very comfortable to wear and are perfect for babies like Esther and William with very sensitive skin.

These bibs are great for babies beginning to explore food and drink. They are highly practical but totally fashionable and we have had lots of commnts when out and about. Makes a Mummy very proud!

If you are looking for good quality bibs that can be used time and time again. That are hygenic and practical but not obvously so then these bibs are for you. They really are beautiful and get a huge thumbs up from Esther and Will. Have a look and see for yourselves how lovely they are.

The bibs retail at just £9 and can be bought directly from Beauty and the Bib’s website. Why not have a look at their other lovely products while you are there?

Here are Esther and William modelling their vintage floral and William Morris designs.

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