Holiday 5: Garden Parties

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Today we were up early again and found that we had no water! Not a great start to the day.

Esther and William had breakfast with David while I got all the bits sorted for the day. A day out is quite a mission these days!

Esther and William had a good morning nap and then we went back to Alnwick Castle and to the gardens. They were much smaller than I had imagined but very beautifully done.

The gardens boast stunning water features and our favourite bit of the garden was the water sculpture park and the bamboo labyrinth, both great family fun features that can be enjoyed by young and old.

We started our day with coffee at The Treehouse where we also fed the babies an early lunch. They are getting so good at eating out. They have been in a range of highchairs this week already as well as our Totseat (review coming very soon!).

After lunch we ventured into the garden and saw the cascade in action. We walked through the gardens until the babies were due to sleep and we then took the Woodland Walk while they slept.

We then played in The Bamboo Labyrinth and had a fantastically fun time in The Serpent Garden playing with the water sculptures. Great fun for a sunny day.

After a chill out and play on the grass we walked the castle battlements before heading back to our cottage and playing in the garden, with Daddy in the pool.

By tea time the babies were exhausted and so we let them watch Sing and Sign while having their tea. Poor tired babies!

Esther is still struggling to sleep. She is teething and also finding not being at home strange. She is loving having her Daddy to play with every day though. Such a cute little Daddy’s girl x

I spent a quiet evening on the laptop while David watched TV and read his book.

I have been worried today that I will have blown my chances of winning a MAD blog award by being away this week. Then I have a real think about what is important in my life and while winning an award would be nice it is not more important than time with my family. Esther and William and David are my world.

Today I have learned something new about holidaying with babies. It is really not that different from being at home with regards to washing. I always seem to be washing, drying and sorting clothes when it isn’t bath time or bed time!

Whilst being on this holiday I have fallen in love with reading again and may have to give up some of my blog writing time to started reading novels again. I have started reading Emma Donoghue’s book, Room. It is the first non parenting book I have read since July 2010. It is great and I am back into books with a bang. A review will be coming soon of my first fictional book as a Mummy!

For now here are some more images from our day of parties in gardens.

4 thoughts on “Holiday 5: Garden Parties

  1. Sounds like you had a grea time. I do find it humorous that you started the day with no water and ended up in a place with water gardens galore!

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase.

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  3. I just clicked through to this as a thumbnail at the bottom of your latest post. I loved Alnwick Gardens and we were there 2 weeks prior to you writing this! We stayed in Alnmouth the first week of that June while I was pregnant with Isobel. It was very cold I remember but we had nice weather the day we visited the gardens and castle. Archie LOVED those tractors at the bottom of the fountains! And the water garden was amazing. It was one of my favourite ever family days out and we are holidaying there again this summer in July. I loved reading this old post and looking at the photos of your day there x

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