Holiday Days 6 and 7: Farne and Away!

14th and 15th June 2011

Today, the 14th, was one of the highlights of our first family holiday, a day that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

In the morning we drove across the causeway to the holy island of Lindisfarne. It was peaceful, beautiful and a wonderful way to start the day.

We walked out to the castle and enjoyed looking at the glorious vista.

It was a sunny morning, perfect for exploring such a spiritual place.

On the way back to the cottage we stumbled across Bamburgh Beach and I fell in love with the giant dunes and imposing cliff top castle. A wonder to be explored!

On the 15th of June, this day was topped by an adventure of a very different nature. We went on a boat trip with Billy Shiels to The Farne Islands where we were lucky enough to see puffins and seals and nesting terns. It was an amazing experience and a wonderful day.

The boat left from Seahouses harbour. As we were waiting to board the boat a lady asked us if we had a hat with us. She was quite a strange character and so we did not think anything of it. We boarded the boat enjoyed the tour around the islands and came to harbour at Inner Farne. As we were about to get off the boat a very ordinary man asked David if he had been to the island before to which David replied no and then the man said that we should put a hat on and watch the babies’ eyes!!!

At this point we still did not understand what people were talking about but we did notice absolutely everyone around us donning hats of every type and colour including some hard hats. People were commenting on how committed and brave we must be to bring babies to the island. We still had no clue why.

Then we began our walk around the island and no sooner had we stepped on the footpath we saw a nesting tern. We stopped to look and got out my camera, as you do, I was not prepared for the peck to my head as the diving mother bird attacked me, warning me to stay away from her young. It was impossible to stay away from the nests as the terns were everywhere; on benches, on the footpath, in the shrubbery, on the cliffs. Everywhere. Of course they were, it is their protected island.

We covered up the babies and our own heads and walked round the island to a clearer spot where I waited with the buggy while David braved the airborne assault to get some stunning photographs that I am sharing with you now.

Esther and William enjoying Inner Farne

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Inner Farne to see the wildlife there then please do, oh, but remember to take a hat!

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