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With a little help from our friends at Bump PR we convinced the owner of Bundle Bean to let us have two of her blankets to trial with Esther and William. I had seen them online and thought that they looked fabulous for a busy Mummy of twins who likes getting out and about with her precious little bundles. As I do not drive we are out walking in all weathers so the Bundle Bean blankets looked a perfect accessory for keeping Esther and William dry. I have to say, that the blankets look very funky too and are fantastic and bright to cheer you up on a wet, windy day.

The beauty of these waterproof blankets, apart from the fact that they look stunning, is that they are so versatile and can be adapted to suit almost any need and mode of transport. So far we have only used them on the buggy but watch this space for tests on our Smart Trike, our car seats and over our baby carriers. The unique zip-seam feature at the bottom of the blanket means the elasticated section can be adjusted to create a pouch for children’s feet and a perfect fit on to your chosen mode of transport. I did not discover this at first but sine I have it has made such a difference The Bundle Bean now stays in place over the babies feet keeping them warm and dry but also mean that they cannot kick the blanket off or pull it up too high. A great design feature making this product really buggy friendly.

For Esther and William’s Granddad’s birthday the whole family went to the Lee Valley Water Park. We were watching Daddy and Granddad do white water rafting on the new Olympic 2012 course. It was a fabulous opportunity for Granddad’s birthday and being the generous soul that he is he booked rain with the weather man to ensure that we all got wet, spectators and all.

And the heavens opened WIDE! Through the worst of the rain we did have the rain cover over the top of the Bundle Bean blankets but once the heaviest showers had passed we took the cover off and wrapped Esther and William in their waterproof blankets. These Bundle Beans kept them toasty warm and dry whilst we stood through the showers watching the rafting. Esther and William were full of smiles and extraordinary well behaved on a really quite miserable day because they were able to stay safe, warm and dry.

That day I decided that I would keep the blankets on the buggy so that we would always have them at hand when we are out and about and I am so so glad that I did. This week we went into town and again the heavens opened just as were walking from the station to the shops. I quickly got out the Bundle Beans and attached them to the pram. The right way round this time! They served their purpose beautifully. Keeping Esther and William safe from the elements and even encouraging them to sleep as they made their pram space warm and dark. What an added bonus for tired babies and a weary Mum!

The blankets have Velcro tags meaning that you can attach them to your buggy and pram easily to stop them sliding off. You can fold the blanket down to different levels depending on the size and position of your babies. The outside of the blanket has a pocket where little hands can be kept warm or toys can be stored. Another great idea!

I know that we still have much to learn, explore, discover about our Bundle Beans so this will be the first of a series of reviews so do keep an eye on the blog and on Twitter to hear more about our adventure with the Bundle Beans.

You can find further information at the Bundle Bean website, by following them on Twitter or by liking their Facebook page.
If you have read enough and would like to buy a Bundle Bean blanket of your own then they are available to buy on the website costing a very worthwhile £29.99.

A great value for money product that you will use every day for your own precious little bundles.

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