Wedding Reception One: The Tea Party

After the church service our wedding was in two parts, afternoon tea with barn dancing and then our evening meal.

For each of these parts we wanted to create a completely different style and atmosphere.

The afternoon tea was in a marquee which we decorated with gingham cloths and bunting, people sat on hay bales eating cream teas. Jam jars were filled with sunflowers and wild flowers and there were old fashioned garden games for all to enjoy.

The entrance was marked by a yellow and blue balloon archway setting the colour scheme for the rest of the day. People were able to enjoy a smooch in the kissing booth and strike a pose in our photo booth. The babies had their own area for soft play.

The aim of the day was for people to relax and have fun.

Our first family dance during this part of the wedding was a traditional barn dance set to the tune of Nelly the Elephant. It was whole hearted family fun and I loved every minute of it and I hope that others did too.

Outside of the marquee we were able to enjoy gorgeous views over the downs and watch a game of Kentish cricket. It was just a perfect setting for a Kent country wedding.

The sun shone and though it did rain on and off through the afternoon it was never enough to dampen our spirits. Nothing was going to ruin our wonderful wonderful day.

Our wedding day!

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