BundleBean Blanket Review

I have already written my review for BundleBean blankets but on return
from our ‘Familymoon’ I feel the need to write again.

During our ten days on the Costa Blanca we used our trusty BundleBean blankets every single day.

William slept with his on the aeroplane. We used them as change mats and impromptu play mats in the airports and on the beach. David (my husband!) even used it to sit on when driving back from the beach with still soggy swim shorts.

These blankets are so versatile with their soft side and their easy to clean waterproof side. Any accidents of any kind are easily iped off with damp cloth or a steriising wipe. The blankets are also machine washable and they wash really well. The BundleBean can be used for so many things and removes the need for carrying a change mat, a blanket, a waterproof … The list goes on.

I just love our BundleBean blankets so much and now that we are home I make sure that we take them with us everywhere. They are great for chilly mornings to keep babies warm and are snuggly enough to sleep under when napping on the go.

So easy to take anywhere and use in so many different ways.

My sister is due to have a baby next month and I am definitely going to buy her one of these.

A fantastic baby product and an absolute bargain at just £29.99.

Bundle your baby in a BundleBean blanket and see what you will do with yours!

PS – Also great for a quick game of Peepo! when the travelling blues set in x

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