Baby Shower Far Away

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My sister’s having a baby
A tiny baby boy
I am collecting a bundle of special things
A blanket, some outfits, a toy

Today she had her baby shower
All her friends were there
But I am here in England
So far apart I cannot bear

I have never seen her pregnant
Never seen her bump
And when I see her in a few months time
She’ll be a brand new Mum

Most of the time I am okay
With her living so far away
But some days it hurts like hell
Today is one of those days

I want to hug my sister
I want to wish her well
I want to rub her little bump
Give advice, I have stories to tell!

We haven’t had those moments
As all good sisters should
Where I tell her Mummy things
What ifs, If I could I would

When I see her and my new nephew
I cannot explain the joy they will bring
When I see my sister and her baby boy
Oh how my heart will sing!

My sister is having a baby
I want to be there to hold her hand
To visit in the hospital
To hold her tiny new man

My sister is having a baby
And it really breaks my heart
That I cannot be there for her now
As we live so far apart

I didn’t really know then
How much it would affect me now
But I want to meet my new nephew
Be a part of his life somehow

I want to be a proper Aunty
Who plays an important part in his life
I want to share with my sister
All the happiness the trouble and strife

I can’t stop thinking about her
How frightened and excited she must be
As the baby that is hidden inside her bump
Becomes a reality

My sister is having a baby
There are only days to go
I wish I could meet my new nephew
Tell him I love him already, more than he’ll ever know

Happy Baby Shower Day Wee Sis x Love you x

My Sister and My Baby Boy

4 thoughts on “Baby Shower Far Away

  1. What a lovely poem and it really struck a chord. My brother lives in Asia and so my first sightings of my nephew and niece were with skype. Wonderful, but never as fully embracing as a hug.
    Thanks for taking part in Parentonomy this week.

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