Welcome to the World Nameless Nephew! The Day I Became an Aunt.

Dear Nameless Nephew Newsome

I did not think I would feel that emotional with you arriving so far away but as soon as I heard your Daddy’s voice on the phone the tears began to fall. I am an Aunty to a healthy but chubby baby boy.

What a brave Mummy and Daddy you have bringing you into the world so far away from your family but surrounded by their love and friends.

What a lucky nephew I have to be born to such wonderful parents. I know they will guide you well.

As yet you have no name, no birth weight or time. I am not going to see you for at least two months, probably more, so being an Aunty feels a little surreal. But I can feel in my heart that you are here and I know already that I love you with all of my heart and would do anything for you. I love you Nameless Nephew.

You are occupying my mind today. I am waiting anxiously to hear more about your arrival. What is your name little man? How much do you weigh? How is your Mummy feeling right now? I wish I could be there.

I feel a little sad that we are not on our way to the hospital right now to bring you cards and presents and to hold your little hand.

I wonder how long it will be before Mummy and Daddy will send a photo?

Must really get on with the day and look after my own children little Nameless Nephew.

But I love you so much and I truly cannot wait to meet you.

… Still waiting. Has been a few hours now. I rang your Nanny to find out if there was any more news but no one seems to know anything so far. I think your Mummy has high blood pressure that may be making her feel a little poorly. I do hope that she is alright.

You will be a big brother one day, as I am a big sister to your Mummy and then you will understand why I am so worried, then you will understand how protective I feel.

Hopefully there will be news soon young Nameless Nephew x

Hello! I have spoken to your Nanny again. I now know that you were born at 6.50am UK time and weigh a beautiful, bouncy 8lbs 7ozs.

When Nanny talked to Mummy you were asleep on her chest and she was busy falling in love with you, your dark hair and your long finger nails. Funny the things new mummies report.

You still do not have a name though I understand from Facebook that your Daddy has some rather interesting ideas.

I think I already know what your name might be and I hope I am right as it is a beautiful name for a boy, a Newsome boy at that.

And so young Nameless Nephew today is the day that you are born.

Friday 21st October 2011.

You share your birthday with Alfred Nobel and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Perhaps you will grow up to be a romantic scientist?

Your star sign is Libra the same as your Mummy and me. I hope you will grow to be patient and fair.

On the 21st October 1805 Nelson was victorious in the Battle of Trafalgar. I hope that you will grow to be brave and strong.

On the 21st October 1961 Bob Dylan recorded his first ever album. I hope that you will grow with music in your soul.

Today, the 21st October 2011, the death of Gaddafi marks a new era for Libya. I hope you grow up always knowing freedom and passion to fight for what you believe.

Nameless Nephew Newsome, wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you become, I love you and I am here for you forever.

Nameless Nephew Newsome. I love you. I am an Aunty! Your Aunty. And I will never let you down x

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the World Nameless Nephew! The Day I Became an Aunt.

  1. Jennie

    That’s a beautiful message .. wish I had a big sister like you. I’m sure Julie really appreciates how much you love her .. and you love her A LOT!
    Congrats to Jennie and her husband and to you too .. hello Aunty Jennie :) xxx

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