Bump Watch: 14+2 or 13+2???

Today I am feeling very confused after another NHS scan.

Last week I had a private nuchal scan that dated me at 13 weeks. Today, 9 days later, I had my NHS nuchal scan that dates me at 13 weeks and 2 days. I thought, going by the private scan, that I was 14 weeks and 2 days. How do I know who to believe?

Last week I had a high placenta this week the sonographer tells me I have a low placenta so low that it is the most likely cause of the bleeding that I have had today.

I am so so so confused!

Is our little bump due on the 2nd of May, the 5th of May or the 8th of May? We have been given each of these dates by different people.

On a positive note she is looking beautiful. The normal nuchal measurement was confirmed and she has a beautiful little nose. Once again she waved at the scan showing perfect arms and hands. We saw legs and feet too. A beautiful beating heart. She seems to be doing well.

But I am still bleeding and having uncomfortable twinges in my bump.
The bleeding seems to happen more if I lift Esther or William or if they accidentally bump my bump.

I am so scared that something bad is going to happen.

Pregnancy is so hard, there are so many ifs, buts and maybes.

How did you cope with the uncertainties?

Any tips gratefully received, and who would you believe?

3 thoughts on “Bump Watch: 14+2 or 13+2???

  1. Hey Jennie
    I had a low lying placenta with E, I bleed at lot throught the first and second tri .. no matter what I did it didn’t make it any easier. I took to my bed for 2 weeks and I still bled, it stopped when I got to 16 weeks and the placenta and moved up. Please don’t worry about it … it’ll make things worse, just try and take it easy (p’ah! i hear you say) but try and take it easy and don’t worry. Those placentas are pretty tough things .. I’m sure your little lady will be just fine .. praying your placenta moves up soon. xx

  2. Im so sorry youre going through such a hard time – bleeding in pregnancy is awful and makes you fear the worst all the time. But it can be for so many reasons and very few of them are a problem. Lisa bled with Loveday in the first trimester and everything was fine. If you are worried then maybe give the clinic a call and get your NK levels checked, but as Millie says it is most likely the placenta pottering around. Alson my mum bled through the two last trimesters with me due to a wandering placenta and although in those days she was made to go to bed as they had no scanners, she was completely fine.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about your due date, although its nice to know as you feel you can tick off the days, she will arrive just when she wants to – as you know only too well! I always went by my cycle length as mine is 28 days. But I found the due dates varied a lot, even in the same hospital on the same machine. Its so frustrating and you feel as if something has been taken away from you when the due date goes backwards. All that matters though, is she is healthy and happy with a good strong heartbeat.

    Thinking of you and sending hugs as I know how tough it is xxxx

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