Bump Watch: 13+6 Making the Most of Me

After my disappointing maternity shop on Sunday I have been thinking of other ways in which I could make the most of me.

I need to set aside some time each week that is mine alone and use it to do things that are good for me.

Most evenings I spend my time on my laptop but I am going to try and reduce this time by having three evenings of doing something else.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

On a Monday I am going to focus on my skin, on a Wednesday my hair and on a Friday I am going to spend some quality time with David, he just works most evenings. I think it will do us both good to spend some quality time together.

So the plan is to start after the weekend and this is what I plan to do.

I am going to give myself a facial and relax in the bath with a good book.

I am going to use a hair masque on my hair whilst relaxing in the bath with my book.

As the evenings are drawing in I am looking forward to having some nice dinners with David by our log fire, perhaps watching TV or playing board games, catching up on what has happened during the week and making plans for our weekend. I do love the winter in our house. It is made for cuddles by fires and candlelight.

So that is my weekly plan but I also feel that I want to make more of an effort with my appearance in general, something that I have not really done since Esther and William were born.

I would like to have my hair cut in a style that will encourage me to wear it down. At the moment it is always scraped back in a bun.

I would like to wear a bit of make up when I leave the house. At the moment I do not wear any. I spent so much money on make up for the wedding and I never use any of it!

And, I am going to make an effort to get dressed everyday. Often if the babies and I do not have plans we do not get dressed all day and I am starting to wonder how healthy that is for our state of minds.

So you see, there is lots I could be doing to make the most of me.

Then, when I have made a start on that I want to find a way that I can help to make the most of others too!

But first though, can any Mummies reading this please share any pregnancy pampering products they enjoyed or products I could use to make my plans a reality. Then I am going shopping!!

Keep followng the blog because I am hoping to vlog about my pampering sessions once they get underway!

What do you do to make the most of you?

Me – Before the Squidgers were born x

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