Edspire Festive Forecast: Whirlee Christmas!

Mookie Toys have produced a winner in time for Christmas this year. A simple ride on excitingly named a Whirlee!

Whirlee by Mookie Toys

The Whirlee is a ride on for toddlers from 12 months of age. It is great for developing confidence and balance.

The Whirlee is lightweight and stackable making it great for mummies of multiples who may need to stack or store more than one of these fabulous toys. It is also great for taking to Grandparents and trips to the park. Esther and William can carry theirs by themselves!

The Mookie Whirlee comes complete and so there is no assembly required meaning no complicated instructions to follow. You just take it out of the box and you are ready to go. It comes in red, blue and a fabulous pink!
The Whirlee wheels are fabulous, working on any terrain or surface. The castors are multidirectional so baby has 360 degree movement when on board.

Esther and William are not quite big enough to use this as a ride on independently but they love being pushed around by Daddy or Mum.

They have also adapted the toy for their own special use, they use it as a walker!!

This is a perfect gift this Christmas for a little someone in your life, particularly one who is eager for their own set of wheels! William just loves wheels!

The Whirlee is available from Mothercare for £19.99.

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