Best of Brighton Baby Expo 2011

On Sunday I took David, Esther and William to the Baby Expo in Brighton. I had been following all the build up for months and was so so excited about the show. When we got there though I could not help but fee a little bit disappointed. It was just impossible to look around with my family as the venue was just not geared up for double buggies at all. Because the show had such a wealth of wonderful exhibitors and a great publicity team the event was packed to the rafters with pregnant women and young families. Our saving grace was the WOW Toys Play Mat where I left Esther and William with David so that I could have a bit of a browse.

WOW Play Mat

WOW Toys!

Though I feel the venue was wrong for the event, the exhibitors were of the highest calibre.

I was honoured (and a little starstruck!) to meet Cara from Snoozeshade and Emily of BundleBean. I have been lucky enough to review for both these ladies and it was wonderful to meet them in person.

Review Extract on BundleBean Poster! So Proud!

I bought another Snoozeshade and another BundleBean for my new nephew, Toby. These items are top of my essentials for list any Mummy to be so I had to get them for my sister and her little one. Only the very best for Little Toby!

The two demonstrations that really caught my eye at the show were those for the SnuggleBundl and for Cheeky Wipes.

The SnuggleBundl is just adorable and functional for new Mums. It allows you to pick up baby without straining your back or stomach muscles. How I could have done with this when Esther and William came home?!? I honestly think it would have massively impacted on our quality of life. The SnuggleBundl is the world’s first baby-lifting blanket. It removes the need for awkward bending and stooping and allows you to lift baby with just one hand. Perfect for mulitple mummies like me. There is so much more to say about this fabulous product but I do not want to give too much away as we will have a full review on the blog in the next couple of weeks so do watch out for that particularly if you or someone you know is about to have a baby. My sister recently gave birth through C-Section and I know that this blanket would have done wonders for her in the early days and weeks with my new nephew, Little Toby. A striking and incredibly useful baby product. A must buy for new mums!

SnuggleBundl Stand

Rock baby to sleep then place gently in cot!! Genius x

Carrying twins made easy

Cheeky Wipes claim to make ‘a bum job better’. They provide a reusable baby wipe kit that can protect your baby, the future of the planet and save you money! All with a baby wipe! The demonstration was brilliant and had me sold almost instantly but sadly David is not so convinced but I am working on him. He is worried about the poo! Please have a look at the Cheeky Wipes website where there are great video demonstrations that I am sure will convince you that this is the way forward for babies botts!

I also fell a little bit in love with the Nod Pod, a baby blanket with legs! Watch out for a review here very soon!!

The best baby and toddler toy that I saw at the show was My WonderCube. When we were near this stand though it was far too busy to stop with the buggy and so I got in touch with the company as soon as I was home to tell them that I had missed them and they have agreed to send us a cube to test and review as part of our Festive Forecast. So please do keep an eye out for the review as I am sure that any pre-school parents will fall in love with the cube on sight like I did.

David, as a Daddy of twin toddlers, found himself drawn to Rokka Play, which if we had a spare £330 we would have ordered on the spot. As it is I am going to be busy saving until Esther and William’s birthday to buy them this boat come desk come kitchen come theatre!!!!! In fact I think David would be keen to trade in most of their other toys for something this creative and versatile.

So though the Brighton Baby Expo 2011 was crowded there was definitely a lot to see but these were the stand out products for me. And with Baby Number 3 now well on its way I am busy compiling a list of essentials, these products will definitely be on it.

I am glad that I went to the Baby Expo but if I were to go again it would definitely be without buggy, and hubby!

Watch out for full reviews of more pregnancy and baby essentials coming to Edspire soon!

3 thoughts on “Best of Brighton Baby Expo 2011

  1. Hi
    We took our 19 month old twins to the Brighton Expo yesterday too and I agree with you about the severe lack of space and the fact it was so busy , We were very impressed with the bundle bean blanket and so we got 2, and I can’t wait to use them
    Saw that rokka play wooden toy we were very impressed too, but rather expensive
    We’ve been using cheeky wipes since birth so where pleased to see that stand
    It was a good day

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