Edspire Festive Forecast: Star Stacker from Toyjeanius

Earlier this year we were honoured to be chosen as a Toy Genius family for Toyjeanius. Each toy that we have been sent has been perfectly suited to Esther and William’s age, ability and interests. Our most recent delivery was a Double Rainbow Stacker by Educo.

This bright and colourful wooden toy is suitable from 12 months and can be used to teach children about shape, colour, size and of course, stacking. We have been practising concepts such as up and down and off and on. It is a traditional, incredibly versatile toddler toy.

The stacker consists of a wooden base with two poles on which can be stacked 8 stars and 8 flowers.

Since being given this toy just a few weeks ago our 16 month old twins can now confidently identify stars and flowers, using the words and the BSL signs.

They can not only take all the stars and flowers off the base at speed but are becoming increasingly confident at putting each piece back onto the poles. Esther, in particular, is happy to sit doing this for ages and with such concentration. The look on her face each time she successfully stacks a star is enough to melt the hardest of hearts.

Look at Me Mummy!

Educo have produced a beautiful toy with the Rainbow Stacker. The wooden base is particularly well designed as the poles are on elastic so if a child falls on them they give way so as not to injure the child. The wooden stars and flowers are solid and will withstand anything that a toddler (or two) can throw at them, stick to them, dribble on them etc… They are also covered in non toxic paint and so are safe to be chewed. Phew!

The toy can be used in a range of educational ways – shape matching, ordering by size, colour matching and creating patterns. It can also be used to encourage language in all these areas and for introducing simple counting as you stack. It also develops fine motor skills and enables children to improve their concentration span. It is certainly doing this for Esther, though not so much for William.


This is a wonderful educational toy from Educo, available at Toyjeanius for a bargain price of £15.99.

And with its tower of stars it is a definite festive themed filler for any stocking this Christmas.

28 days to go!!!

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