Edspire Festive Forecast: The Santa Clause

So, Christmas is coming and I am getting fat!

Baby Number 3 seems to be coming along nicely. I am so excited about our growing family especially at this time of year.

I love Christmas and have already started laying the foundations for what I hope will become our festive family traditions.

On thing still to think about, and I think it deserves serious thought, discussion and debate is Father Christmas himself.

The Santa Clause!

It is not as straight forward as you might think. David and I need to get our stories straight!

For example:

Does Santa bring children all of their presents? Just some? Or only one? One special present that will be discovered under the tree on Christmas morning, beautifully wrapped in different paper from all the rest with a special label from the big man himself!

Does Father Christmas leave a stocking at the end of your bed or fill a stocking hung carefullly by the dining room fire?

How can Old St Nick visit every child in the world in just one night and if you are naughty do you really have to go without?

How does Pere Noel fit down the chimney? What if there is no chimney, should we leave him a special key?

Why is Christkindl sat inside a shopping centre grotto and not busy making preparations for his special day?

So many questions!!!

Do you have a policy on Father Christmas?

What is your Santa Clause?

I reckon David and I have about nine months to agree our terms. In 2012 Esther and William will be lost in the magic and fully immersed in the belief of Christmas. I want to make it perfect for them and help them to believe for as long as they can.

So, this is our last Christmas to consider, ponder, debate and discuss before setting our terms, finalising our policy and agreeing our Santa Claus!

I love Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Edspire Festive Forecast: The Santa Clause

  1. Ok here goes! FC brings stockings only and leaves them on the end of the bed (so lovely to rustle the packages wtih your toes) and family do the tree pressies. FC comes down the chimney unless there isnt one and then a key is left for him to come in. Mince pies, sherry and a carrot are always left as is reindeer dust outside so they know where to land.

    No child goes without they just get less than if they had been good. He can visit all children because he is magic – end of! and it is not the real FC in garden centres but people dressed up to ge us in the mood (there is a limit to my lying!). My sister in laws eldest found out the truth last year of the FC conspiracy and her immediate response was “so mum what else have you been lying to me about – I suppose the tooth fairy doesnt exist either?” ooops!

    But for us it is about instilling the meaning and spirit of FC so that she never actually thinks of it as having been lied to! Good luck – Im sure two will be tricky to convince! xxx

  2. Do NOT whatever you do start the tradition of stockings in rooms – it’s lovely but, oh!, the stress! A stocking by the fire to creep down and open early on Christmas morning is the way to go! I had a friend whose son at about 7 set trip wires all across his bedroom floor to catch the Big Man…can you imagine?!
    Thanks so much for linking up to Festive Friday, I hope you’ll be back next week!

  3. I’m with Claire, FC will come on Christmas Eve and leave a stocking full of toys at the end of LittleOwl’s bed. All other presents are from us or Grandparents etc, else how do you thank people for the gifts or explain why you are buying for other people?

    However, I was also that 7 year old… I blame Enid Blyton!

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