Advent Book Review Nine: Christmas Story

Christmas Story by Brian Wildsmith features some absolutely stunning illustrations that make this book a work of art rather than a story.

This is the story of Christmas told through the eyes of a donkey, and I do mean a donkey rather than THE donkey!

This is the baby of Mary and Joseph’s donkey who is left behind in Nazareth while his mother travels to Bethlehem.

The poor little donkey gets very sad and so the little girl who is looking after home takes him to Bethlehem to find his Mummy.

On their long and weary journey they pass men of King Herod, a group of shepherds with their sheep and they are guided to their destination by the song of angels and a bright shining star.

When they arrive in Bethlehem it is to the stable scene that we all know so well where the baby Jesus lay in a manger.

A fabulous alternative telling of the story of Christmas.

The words are simple and the story well know but the pictures in this paperback are just breathtaking. They are so detailed and full of pattern and colour. The scenes so familiar to so many are given a magical new lease of life in this book that is sure to capture the attention and imagination of all children and bestows a true importance on the story that these illustrations tell.

The story of Christmas, the very first Christmas and why we celebrate together today.

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