Bump Watch: 20+3 Anomaly Scan shows Anterior Low Lying Placenta

We have reached another milestone!

We have crossed the halfway line and are on our way to 24 weeks and viability. A most important milestone for all mummies but especially those who have experienced a premature birth.

4 weeks to go to reach viability.

7 weeks today until we reach Esther and William’s gestation.

Please keep everything crossed for us that we make it that far!

Today we saw our daughter on screen. She is a lively little thing. Kicking and wriggling all over the place she was. She was (or is?) in a breech position, looking out of my tummy. I guess she likes to face the way that she is going. I am a bit like that on a train! Everything is perfect with Matilda May. The potential problem lies once again with me!

I have a low lying anterior placenta. I do not know exactly how low as the sonographer did not comment. She only actually checked my placenta because I asked her to as there had been concerns that my placenta was low at 13 weeks and I had experienced some bleeding.

She just said ‘Oh yes, it is low. You’ll be rescanned at 32 weeks.’

I wanted to point out to her that I hope that I will be seen before then as I only made it to 27 weeks with my last pregnancy. But I didn’t!

I spoke to my GP this morning who told me that I should definitely be referred for consultant care at the hospital. My midwife as far as we are aware has still not made the referral and I have certainly heard nothing from the hospital.

I am worried about a few things.

My scar from my bowel surgery, which runs from under my chest to under my belly button is starting to stretch, smart and itch. I am worried that it may not last the pregnancy. Is it possible I might burst open? Or that the baby’s growth will be restricted by the scar tissue?

I am feeling a lot of pain in my bump this pregnancy, more than I ever did with Esther and William. Is this because of adhesions from surgery or because my placenta is so low? Are there things I should or should not be doing?

How likely is it that I am going to give birth prematurely again?

I just want to talk these things through with someone who knows what they are talking about as I have a midwife saying I absolutely do not need hospital care and a neonatal consultant telling me that I absolutely do. I would like to talk with a maternity consultant (obstetrician) and know what the possibilities are and what they think I should do.

On a positive note, Matilda is still a girl.

I am being very open with her name. I have my heart set on it and don’t see the point of keeping it secret. I am proud of my little Matilda Bump and I like to call her by her name.

We were the same with William too. Esther was originally going to be called Matilda but circumstances lead to a change and I am glad that they did because Esther was meant to be. Esther suits her name so perfectly and I know already that Matilda will too.

Mighty in Battle. That is what Matilda means, and she already is.

I can feel her moving now. Every so often there is a little pop or series of pops. I love feeling her move and hope that we get to the stage when I will be able to see her and identify body parts. Not sure how likely that is with my placenta being at the front? It is reassuring though to feel her move.

On Christmas Eve I will be 21 weeks, on New Years Eve 22. The time is going to start going faster now. David and I have so much to do!

How do you explain to 17 month old twins with very little language that there baby sister is on her way?

I am so excited, more than a little nervous and so looking forward to being a new Mummy again.

We are halfway. Only half of our journey left before the real adventure begins.

We love you already Matilda May!

2 thoughts on “Bump Watch: 20+3 Anomaly Scan shows Anterior Low Lying Placenta

  1. I have to say I am really enjoying your bump watch posts! I had 2 premmies and find now I am a little obssessed with how other people’s pregnancies progress, especially if they have experienced a prem birth – I find I am rooting for them each week and breath a sigh of relief and say a little thank you to the powers that be each week they progress! I had pre-enclampsia and placental abruption first time, and anterior grade 4 palcental previa the 2nd time. I got to 34 weeks with my 2nd.

    I too had to beg to be consultant lead with the midwife assuring me there would be no problems with my 2nd pregnancy, and it wasn’t necessary. I was bleeding heavily from 25 weeks though so spent pretty much the next 9 weeks in hospital. I really hope your placenta moves itself up and doesn’t cause you any problems. I will be waiting to hear each week how you are getting on! Love the name matilda as well x

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