2011 Best Bits

What were the highlights of 2011 for me? And were they as I expected at the beginning of the year?

Esther Jan 2011

William Jan 2011

My sister’s wedding
In February 2011 my little sister (Wee Sis) got married. It was a beautiful wedding and a very emotional day. It was also Esther and William’s first big family occasion. It was wonderful and will be remembered fondly for many years to come.

Our niece Baby Diya being born
Diya is now 10 months old and is as beautiful as ever. She sits beautifully now and is crawling around. She seems to be catching up with Esther and William in size quite rapidly. She has lovely thick dark hair and warm engaging eyes. She has a lovely smile and has just learned to wave. I so hope that as they grow Esther, Diya and now Matilda Bump will become good friends. I think they will.

My sister falling pregnant
We all knew that she was trying but not even Julie herself knew that Baby Toby was already with her on her special today. Turned out to be a bit of a family theme for the year as Matilda Bump was also with me when I was a bride later in the year.

Our first family holiday
Our week in Northumberland was wonderful. Alnwick Castle was the highlight for me and seeing Puffins on the Farne Islands. Seems like such a long time ago and I hope that 2012 will bring us more family adventures.

Being chosen as a Toys R Us Toyologist
This was an honour and I am still writing reviews as part of the programme. 2011 has been a busy year and I have loved being a Toyologist but know that I have not been as good at it as I should have been. If anyone else is considering applying for this opportunity next year then I would encourage you to go for it but be sure that you have the time to really commit to the programme and to doing a good job.

Our first Henley holiday
This year was our first Henley holiday with children of our own. It was our last in Devon as next year we are off to a new house in Exmoor. 2012 will be my 6th Henley holiday!!! And my first as a proper Henley!

Esther and William’s first birthday
Esther and William are a bit like the Queen with two birthdays, actual and corrected. They had a wonderful first birthday with all their family around them. Can’t believe that they will soon be two!!!

Falling pregnant naturally
This was the thing we were least expecting, to fall pregnant exactly one year after the twins were born. Matilda May is due on the 5th of May and we cannot wait to meet her. Another miracle baby for us.

Mine and David’s wedding
A day too perfect for words. It was everything we dreamed of and planned for and more. Our wedding day. I am now a very proud wife to a wonderful husband who I love with all my heart.

Our Familymoon
We had a wonderful 10 days away with my parents in Spain. Esther and William loved the sand and the sea. We had a lovely time and David and I even managed a couple of evenings out on our own.

The MAD Blog Awards
Being a finalist for Best Baby Blog at The Mads was a true honour. I have learned so much about blogging this year and made some lovely new friends. I hope to continue blogging and learning in 2012. I really rather like doing it and don’t want Edspire to end.

Our nephew Baby Toby being born
9 months after their winter wedding, Little Toby was born. My little nameless nephew who I fell in love with before I even knew his name or saw his face.

Passing my Driving Test
I passed my driving test. With zero faults! How my life will change now. Esther, William, Matilda Bump and I will be going places in 2012 and we cannot wait!!

Esther and William’s second Christmas
We have had the most magical festive season so far and we still have presents to open and family to meet. What a wonderful life! What a very merry Christmas!

And still to come …

Meeting Little Toby (finally!)

Spending NYE with my sister

What a wonderful year 2011 has been.

Bring on 2012.

Esther and William Dec 2011

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