Win Create-a-World from WhiteStep

Does anybody else feel like January is lasting forever?

Every rainy day that we are stuck indoors Esther and William stand at the window longing to be let out. It is their new favourite thing to do and they shout out loud all the things that they see … ‘car!’ ‘man!’ ‘tree!’ ‘bird!’ . They also shout ‘Hello’ to all the people who walk past and are quite put out if they do not reply.

Window on the World

Esther and William are still a little young for imaginative play but if they were just a year or so older I would definitely buy them a Create-a-World from WhiteStep to help us pass the hours on a gloomy January day.

This giant fuzzy felt-esque playmat can be used to create different worlds and is a wonderful way to engage and excite children while developing their imagination and storytelling skills.


Create-a-World is made from high-quality felt. It includes 90 colourful, handmade, easy to stick and remove, playing pieces: animals, vehicles, fairy-tale characters, and many more.

Create-a-World can be hung on a wall or spread on the ground or a low table making it a great toy to take on holiday or to Grandma’s house. It is a way of playing creatively and making a masterpiece without also making a mess!

Create-a-World enables every child to express themselves by creating their own unique world. It fosters language development by making it easy for children to express their thoughts and act out stories.

As a Mummy of twins I can see that this toy would be perfect to encourage my little ones to play together and create worlds together. It would encourage them to share and cooperate, collaborate through creative play.

From WhiteStep

This is a great toy that can be used by all the family. I also think that it would make a great literacy resource in the primary classroom.

What do you think? Would you like one of these? Can you imagine creating worlds with your little ones on these dull, dark winter days?

I am thrilled to be able to offer you the chance to win a Create-a-World for the little storyteller/s in your life.

All you have to do is visit the WhiteStep website and choose one other product that you would buy for yourself or someone you know and leave me a comment below telling me which item it would be.

For an extra entry you can tweet the following message ‘I want to create new worlds with @Edspire and @WhiteStepUK’

The competition is open to UK Entrants only and will close on Monday 6th February to ensure that you receive your Create-a-World in time for half term.

By entering this competition you are agreeing to receive occasional offers and information via email from WhiteStep, but are free to unsubscribe at any time.

Good Luck!

And we have a winner!

Well Done Emma Lowe!

Congratulations to Emma Lowe!

70 thoughts on “Win Create-a-World from WhiteStep

  1. Firstly, what an adorable photo! Secondly, what gorgeous windows!

    Oh, back to the job in hand…

    The Flexibaths are a brilliant idea. Which I’d had one with DD was smaller.

  2. I would buy the ABC kit for my daughter because not only will it help with learning the alphabet but it will also help with letter recognision and simple word formation. They also have a picture which corresponds to the letter for example M has a Moon, L has a Lion ect which is ideal for phonics and can be stuck on the bedroom wall as a mural
    Great competition as always

  3. I love the ABC kit which can accompany the Create-a-World. My little girl has just started following words in her books at story time and I think this would be great as she starts to form words.

  4. Ohh, a flexibath definitely, so useful in so many ways. I’m thinking a good garden paddling pool in the summer too.


  5. OMG!!! The Flexi Bath – fold-away baby bath tub is SUCH an ace idea!

    Bath baths are so bulky and in a small house like mine, very inconvenient to store, I will be defo getting one for my next baby.x

  6. I would buy the Cozy Baby Wrap for a friend whose baby is due very soon as I know the value of holding a baby close to aid bonding and make the baby feel secure

  7. Flexibath is a great idea! So many baby things take up so much space! Also like the alphabet addition to the Create-a-World kit. I’d like to get these for my grandchildren.

  8. The Create-a-World sets would definitely be top of my list as I know my children would have great fun playing with these. If I had to choose something else from the site though, I would choose the Bibi Partitioned Feeding Bowls. Perfect for first meals at home and when you’re out and about, but they would also be good for older children to use in a packed lunch box too.

  9. Loving the Flexibath Bath Toys – just perfect for little ones, a basic idea but babies just love playing with jugs and funnels etc (as do toddlers!). I would buy this for my friend who’s just had a baby, far more exciting than yet another baby outfit!

  10. just wanna give some feedback. the play mat is great and both my girls (6yrs & 11mths) enjoy playing with it. currently has a place on our dining room wall. thanks very much.

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