26 Weeks Today and still so much to do!

25 Week Bump

Today I am 26 weeks pregnant.

I am feeling fat and breathless if I do too much. I am finding it hard to stay comfortable on the sofa or in bed. I am getting tired easily. Though I think all of this is partly due to pregnancy I also think it is because I have basically had a cold since the middle of October and so have both Esther and William. I seem to spend most of my days wiping up someone or other’s snot!

I think Matilda May is doing well though. She is very active which I am loving and David has felt her too now. We missed this stage of pregnancy with Esther and William as I was so ill in hospital recovering from surgery. I am determined to make the most of this third trimester if I can just get rid of my cold and find myself some energy!

According to BabyCentre.co.uk this is what is going on inside right now …

Measuring your baby from top to toe with her legs extended, she is probably about 36cm. She weighs a little more than 760g. Your baby’s eyes begin to open around now. Her response to sound grows more consistent towards the end of the seventh month, when the network of nerves to her ears is complete. She may be able to hear you and your partner chatting. Your baby also continues to take small breaths, getting plenty of practice for when she’s born. It’s all preparation for when she takes that first gulp of air.

I am going to find it strange that next week Matilda Bump will be the same as Esther and William were when they were born and then everyday from 27+3 I will know because I have seen how babies of that gestation develop. I have seen my own son and daughter with my own eyes, and what a privilege that was.

But now I have to focus on this pregnancy and the baby I am growing inside.

There is so much to do in the next 13/14 weeks and even though, in a way, we have done this before I am still not sure that I really know where to start.

Here is my To Do and To Buy list.

Have I missed anything?

Attend NCT antenatal classes
See midwife and consultant to confirm birth plan options
Sort through Esther’s old clothes and pick out first few outfits for M
Buy Matilda’s crib from Mothercare
Find and clean baby bouncer and baby gym
Buy a play mat or PlayDuvet
Sort and sell or donate unwanted baby items
Set up Matilda’s corner of our room
Explore buggy options – triple? Buggy board?
Explore baby carrier options – am thinking about a Baba Sling?
Buy a hospital bag (new extra large changing bag for three under two!)
Pack my hospital bag
Buy a coming home outfit for Matilda May (and maybe one for me)
Think about how I am going to cope with three children (eek!)
Make activity boxes for Esther and William to have whilst I am feeding
Wrap presents for Esther and William from Matilda
Wrap presents from Matilda for Esther and William – with them
Try to explain about new babies using stories and pictures

I am sure I am missing some important things!?!

Can you help me?

4 thoughts on “26 Weeks Today and still so much to do!

  1. Love this post. I’m now 30weeks & my list is ‘write a bliming list!’ couple of things I would add, but might just be me! Batch cooking for when baby arrives. I have stocked up on foil dishes and will fill freezer. Either that or google companies who deliver home cooked food & stock up that way. Decide plan of action when go into labour. What will happen to other kids, or in my case kid. My SIL is due wk after me so her parent’s (hubby’s parent’s) might be down south with her – eel!

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