Bump Watch: 26+1 The Name Matilda


Since conception I have called my bump Matilda May. It is a name that I have always loved and that I really wanted to call Esther.

When we were pregnant with Esther and William though we went through lots of names, the favourite of which was Matilda for a long long time.

Two things made us not use that name. Our friends lost a baby girl who they called Matilda and we felt that it was too soon after their loss. My Mum found the combination of Tilly and Willy hilarious which made us realise that if their own Nan could make a joke out of their names their future class mates certainly would.

As soon as we fell pregnant this time I said to David if she is a girl I want to call her Matilda.

The name has stuck. We have not discussed any other names.

Before I was pregnant I had liked the name Edie but David was not so keen.

Matilda he likes. We both like. We always have and I feel that as this little one is a miracle little girl we are being given a second chance to use our name.

The name Matilda is well known in David’s family as their cat was called Matilda. David loved the cat very much and is another reason that could be for or against using the name. I think we both think it is for as he was so fond of the family pet.

I also like the name because of the Roald Dahl book and I love that it has German origins and I grew up in Germany.

I also think it fits well with Esther and William and shares a similar meaning of strength.

With 13 weeks to go there is no other name in my mind. My head and heart are settled on our daughter being little Matilda May. Tilly May.

I think we will call her Matilda just as we call Esther Esther and William William, not Star and Will as once we thought.

Esther, William and Matilda.

Not long now little ones and we will all be together.

What will they make of that?

Matilda Bump

5 thoughts on “Bump Watch: 26+1 The Name Matilda

  1. I love the name Matilda and considered it for my little girl, but my Husband vetoed it, which is a real coincidence as we actually ended up calling her Edith!

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