041/366 Signing Snake


Here in the Edspire household we are still working hard on our signing. One of our favourite ways to spend half an hour is to watch videos on You Tube and sign what we see.

Some of our favourites are Brown Bear Brown Bear, Dear Zoo, The Animal Sounds Song and The Shapes Song.

As well as signing to songs and videos we also sign stories or books. It is not often that we complete a whole story in one sitting. Instead the babies like to flick through the pages of lots of books signing and saying what they see. Their favourites at the moment are the stories mentioned above along with The Very Hungy Caterpillar and and Usborne Noisy Books such as Noisy Train and Noisy Zoo. Every morning the first thing Esther and William do is look through books and choose stories to be shared with Daddy and Me. They also really enjoy Goodnight Moon.

Esther and William are really good at identifying, signing and saying the names of animals now so we need a new challenge which is going to be shapes and colours as they link in to so many things that we do in our normal day.

Here is William saying and signing Brown Bear.

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