Bump Watch: 28+4 What The Doctor Said!

So yesterday I had a scan and consultant appointment at the hospital. I drove myself there in my car and managed to park even though it was really busy. I was feeling very pleased with myself about that as I waited for my appointments.

I was scanned by a trainee sonographer who was lovely and because she was training she really took her time and looked at everything in great detail.

Matilda is still a girl which is wonderful news. She is a big baby though, growing steadily on the 95th percentile. She currently weighs approximately 1375 grams which is a little over 3lbs. I have been looking at fetal growth charts to try and work out how much she will weigh if we get to term and from what I can work out she could be about 8 and a half pounds, which is quite a normal size isn’t it?

The sonographer and her trainer told me that Matilda has a big head and a big abdomen so now I am starting to panic a bit about the birth. What is she is too big to come out? And how will they know? As she is growing normally and is presenting head down I will not be having anymore Consultant appointments or scans so how will I know what is going on with the baby? What is she turns to be breech again? How will I know before the time comes for the birth? I am really quite worried having never been through the third trimester before.

As I left the hospital, discharged to midwife care, I felt happy, relieved and terrified all at the same time.

I have not seen my midwife since I was 16 weeks pregnant. I am not sure that she even remembers I exist. I am going to phone to make an appointment tomorrow but she only works on a Tuesday so I will not see her until at least then and I need to get my 28 week bloods done.

Now that Matilda is head down I am not feeling her move as much. I think it is because my placenta is on the front that the movements are harder to feel?

Both the sonographer and the doctor commented on what a neat bump I have which was nice to hear especially as it would seem I am carrying a giant baby!

I am starting to feel very definitely pregnant now. My bump is starting to get in the way. I am looking forward to getting bigger now as the baby starts to lay down her fat stores. We are on the home strait now and I cannot wait to meet her.

4 thoughts on “Bump Watch: 28+4 What The Doctor Said!

  1. Do not worry about being on the large size. Even scan measurements are inaccurate. I think the margin of error is +/- 10% so she could be a lot smaller in reality. I’ve known people be told they are having a huge baby and it turns out they are average or a bit smaller than average. The abdomen doesn’t matter anyway. It’s the head and the chances are, you’ll be fine.

  2. I was told Mael would be about 8,8lbs and he turned out to be 8,1lbs. Big babies come out too, don’t worry, and as said above she’ll probably smaller than what you expect . Good job Jennie both on the baby growth and the driving all by yourself !!!

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