Bump Watch: 29 Weeks

So today I am 29 weeks pregnant with Matilda Bump. Just 10 or 11 weeks now until we finally get to meet her. I feel like I have been pregnant forever. I have, of course, never been this pregnant before which may have something to do with it. Though I still don’t think I am as big as I was at 27 weeks with the twins.

This is the last picture taken of me pregnant with Esther and William and I was only about 23 weeks. It was taken in June 2010.

About 23 Weeks With Esther and William

I am still spending time looking back at photos of Esther and William. This is them at 29 weeks. I think that Matilda is already bigger than them.

This is me at 29 weeks pregnant. Today!

29 Week Bump!

According to www.babycentre.co.uk baby’s nutritional needs reach their peak during the third trimester. In the final few weeks I am going to need plenty of protein, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, and calcium (about 200mg is deposited in your baby’s skeleton every day), so I should eat foods rich in these nutrients. Tonight for dinner I made David and I chicken pesto pasta with added pine nuts, sugar snap peas, mini Portobello mushrooms, finger chillies and tomatoes. It was lovely and I hope provides many of the nutrients I need. I had intended to put spinach in to the mix aswell but my baby brain meant that I forgot to add it right at the end. Ooops! In case my meals are not giving me all the vitamins and minerals that I need I am also taking supplements in the form of Pregnacare. Review coming soon!

I am feeling Matilda move all the time now but have not had time to sit down and really watch her moving which I really want to do. I want to see a hand or a foot through my skin. I have heard about this happening to other people and I so want it to happen for me. Come on Matilda!

I am going to have to go shopping very soon for more maternity clothing as I seem to be rapidly gaining weight now and some of my over bump items are becoming more under the bump! I am also finding that I am hot all the time in my winter clothes so may need to look at a few spring items. Any excuse!

There are two main decisions I am trying to make at the moment.

Do I need a single pram or buggy as well as our Easywalker Duo?
Every Saturday possible I have the morning off from Esther and William for some me time. Come May this time will be shared with Matilda May as I am planning to breastfeed her and so she will need to be with me. I love the idea of having a pram for our Saturday morning mother and daughter outings and also for short trips round our village, to the park, so that Esther and William can practice their walking. And also, if we all go out together for a longer walk, one parent can have the twins in the double and the other the baby in the pram. Also would mean Grandparents and Godparents could take baby for a walk in her pram to give me some quality time with Esther and William. The more I think about it the more I think that we should get one and I have my eyes on one of these!

Can I justify spending the money on a 4D scan to have a look at my developing daughter?
I want to understand the bonding experience that these scans are advertised as providing. 10/11 weeks seems such a long time to wait to see my baby girl again!

Have you had a 4D scan? Was it worth the money and did you find it to be a bonding experience as your pregnancy was starting to drag?

4 thoughts on “Bump Watch: 29 Weeks

  1. ‘We’ , by which I mean my wife, had a ‘4D’ (I hate that name btw…) scan but I think it was at 6 months (25 weeks I think), & even then they told us it was a bit late & that we might not see a lot of detail. On the other hand, it was for the twins, & it was fantastic – really worth it. You could see their personalities (we think) even back then: http://whiskeyforaftershave.com/2010/01/29/scanner/ Some of our favourite baby ‘photos’ in fact :)

  2. You look lovely in both photos. There’s a bit of a difference with a twin bump and a single one!

    I didn’t get a 4D scan, I couldn’t justify the expense but I’ve heard they’re amazing.

    Thanks for linking to blogaholics.

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