37 Weeks: We Made It!

By 37 weeks Esther and William were almost 10 weeks old. They were home from hospital and doing what babies do around our home. Their home.

Matilda Bump is still safely tucked up inside. She is head down and ready to go but apparently now she is not engaged, though in the middle of the week I was told she was?? I have another scan on Tuesday and an appointment with my midwife so hopefully things will be made a bit clearer for us then. It has been a week of confusing contradictions from various medical staff!

Last night we had a private scan to check Matilda’s growth. According to her measurements she already weighs approximately 6lb 4oz! William was 3 months old when he reached 6lbs and Esther was closer to 4! With her size and the season things are going to be so different for us this time around.

I am so excited and want desperately to meet our daughter. But now I know that she is okay and together we have reached full term I am starting to think that she is going to be late. That would just be typical after all the fuss of the last few days.

But here we are. 37 weeks. A maximum of 5 to go before we are a family of five.

According to today’s SMA Pregnancy email

Your baby is now considered to be “full term”. That means they are capable of feeding and breathing outside the womb without any medical assistance.

Your baby is starting to look nice and plump, and will continue putting weight on steadily until they’re born. The new fat stores are keeping their body temperature about 0.3-0.5°C above yours. They’ll need to be wrapped up warmly after they’re born though, otherwise their bare wet skin will lose heat rapidly.

Your baby is also showing all the reflexes they will have as a newborn, curling their fingers and toes tightly around objects (grasp reflex) and turning their head and opening their mouth when something touches their cheek (rooting reflex). They’ll need this last reflex to find your nipple once they’re born.

You may find yourself needing to wee more often as your baby’s head increasingly presses down on your bladder. Unfortunately this situation will only improve once your baby is born, so be prepared for plenty of midnight trips to the loo.

When we had the scan last night we were able to see Matilda sticking out her tongue and rooting for food. I found this a really encouraging sign as I am hoping to be able to breastfeed this baby as I did with the twins.

She also kicked the probe when the sonographer pushed her too hard so I think that she is going to be feisty.

In myself I am feeling fine. I think because my bump is so small I am not experiencing too much discomfort and I am able to stay active.

Today for example we have been pushing Esther and William round Leeds Castle on their Smart Trikes.

Bike Chair! (What Esther calls her Smart Trike)

This morning I went to town and had my hair cut so I am feeling very much like a yummy mummy today though I still need to dye my hair to cover up all the grey. That is tomorrow’s job!

37 Week Bump

I am still managing to sleep quite well though I do get a dead hip some nights which can be very sore. I am able to keep up with Esther and William during the day though David is starting to help a bit more.

I am feeling quite scatty minded and seem unable to concentrate on much for very long.

I am looking forward to term starting again on Monday as Esther and William’s classes all recommence and so we will be busy. I think keeping busy is going to be key over the next few weeks to stop me over analysing every tweak and twinge and to stop me growing frustrated and impatient. It is going to be a good time to already be a Mummy of toddler twins who will undoubtedly keep me busy.

37 weeks. I am a bit in shock about how far we have come.

I am looking forward to what happens next!

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3 thoughts on “37 Weeks: We Made It!

  1. How wonderful to have gone full term after such early babies. I was told by the midwives that 2nd (and subsequent) babies go from being engaged to not and back again. Being engaged in 2nd pregnancy doesn’t mean imminent birth like it does in the 1st. My 2nd was up and down like a yo-yo.

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