Day 9: Feeling Fine; Thank You Sunshine!

Day 9

Yesterday for the first time in Matilda Mae’s life we saw the sun.

Sun Shower!

We decided to make the most of the weather by going to Leeds Castle together, for the first time as a family of five. We also had an extra pair of hands in my best friend, Michele.


It really was a lovely afternoon and Leeds Castle is definitely one of my favourite places to be. It is a favourite of many local mummies actually as it is so baby friendly and safe for toddlers to run around. Esther and William love it there too.

Hello Peacock!

We loaded up the double buggy and tried Matilda out in her Chicco Nunu. More about that to follow!


With everything we needed for all of us it looked much like we were going away for a weekend not having a two hour stroll round a park.

Easy Rider!

But anyway …

We had a wonderful time.

Esther and William loved being able to walk around the castle grounds. They were both very keen to push the baby!

Pushing with Pink Lining!

They tried out their new wellies and were very disappointed to discover that all the puddles had dried up!

Snap Snap!

They were feeding bread to the ducks and the geese for the very first time.

Feed the Birds!

Up until now they have always watched me do it but this time they did the feeding themselves. They were so brave and they absolutely loved it. William got pecked by a goose and it did not phase him at all.


It was lovely to be out in the sunshine and to take big, deep breaths of fresh country air. I have missed being outside.

Welly Throwing!

We stopped at the castle cafe for a drink and a snack before going to the play park for a swing and a slide. David and Michele were helping Esther and William while my attentions were focused on Matilda.



It was a peaceful afternoon with three adults to three children I am not at all sure how I am supposed to manage such an excursion on my own?!?!

Esther and William love being outside and this is how I imagined us spending our summer but it is going to be difficult on our own. But I am sure it will get easier, as we get to know each other, and find ways to make it work as a family.

This was a good day.

3 thoughts on “Day 9: Feeling Fine; Thank You Sunshine!

  1. congratulations on getting out!! My folks live near Leeds castle, i think i went there on a school trip when i was a kid.

    Your wee girl is so cute. We have our own Matilda. She is the cutest.

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