Melba Maternity Night Wear Review

Melba Maternity

Melba Mama

During the latter stages of my pregnancy with Matilda Mae I wore only Melba Maternity lounge wear. It was so comfortable for that third and final trimester. It made me feel relaxed and was soft against my skin but the little lace details also made me feel feminine. I cannot recommend the roll top trousers and camisoles enough.

Matilda Mae will be 10 weeks old tomorrow and I am still wearing my trousers and vests now. They are just so easy to wear and are fabulous I have found for nursing day and night.

When I went to the hospital to have Matilda Mae, I travelled in my black trousers and camisole, changed into my nightdress once labour was established and wore my beautiful Melba Maternity pyjamas after the birth. I was a true Melba Mama!

The Melba Maternity nightdress I bought whilst pregnant with Esther and William and I continued to wear it long after their birth. They were born in July 2010 and the picture below is from my sister’s wedding in February 2011.

Melba Maternity Nightdress

Wedding Nightdress

This 100% cotton nightdress is pretty and easy to wear. It is great for breastfeeding day and night. It comes in lilac and navy. This is a nightdress designed to make mummy feel yummy AND comfy. A favourite product of mine.

Melba Nightdress

But I have to say that I wear my Melba Maternity Pyjamas more. With and without bump they are just so flattering to wear. They give me confidence when I wear them and make me feel good about myself. It is such a shame that I can only wear them in hospital or around the house!

Melba PJs

Melba PJs

I wore them straight after the birth of Matilda Mae. They were so soft and snuggly for our cuddles.

First Melba Cuddles

First Melba Cuddles

Melba Maternity Pyjamas come in navy and lilac with a buttermilk trim. The shape and style of these pyjamas seem to enhance my shape with and without a bump. I can wear them when we have visitors to the house and I always receive comments and compliments about how well I look.

The trousers tie at the waist and so can expand with your bump and then contract with your uterus after the birth! They really do grow and shrink with you so are absolutely fantastic value for money and a wardrobe essential for new mummies and mummies to be.

I can’t wait to have Baby Number 4 so that I can start my Melba Maternity journey all over again.

If you or someone you know are currently pregnant then do check out the Melba Maternity website where there is currently a fabulous sale. You can also like their page on Facebook and folow the very friendly team on Twitter to keep up to date with all Melba goings on.

I am off to snuggle with Matilda in my Melbas!!

We were sent one pair of maternity pyjamas for the purpose of this review.

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