The Day That …

David and I met in May 2007. Ours was a whirlwind romance. We knew from very early on that we would be together forever.

In July 2007 we had our first conversation about children, about starting a family together.

We thought it would be easy. Little did we know how rocky our journey would be.

At the end of 2008 we were told that we would need IVF to have any chance of having children of our own.

In 2009 we had four cycles of IVF. Every one of them unsuccessful.

In January 2010 we started cycle number five. In February 2010 we had two tiny embryos implanted. We waited.

In March 2010 we discovered that we were pregnant … with twins!

Our beautiful son and daughter were due to be born in October 2010.

We were due to get married in August 2010!

We moved the wedding to September 2011 and thank goodness that we did.

On 10th July 2010 I was rushed to hospital where doctors and nurses battled to save three lives.

Thank goodness that they did.

On 24th July 2010, Esther and William were born. 13 weeks too soon.

If we had got married on our original date it would have been with our tiny little babies fighting for their lives again in NICU.

On the 20th September 2010 we brought our babies home.

We battened down our hatches for the winter and protected our premature babes from infection and disease, wind and rain and snow.

In July 2011 Esther and William were one. We drank champagne to celebrate the wonder of them. Look what love had done!

That day, one year after Esther and William were prematurely born, I had a period.

28 days later I did not!

I was pregnant with our natural miracle, our beautiful Matilda Mae.

It was just two weeks before our wedding day.

Having postponed one wedding for pregnancy we could not do the same again.

Nor did we need to.

The week of the wedding we had an early scan.

The scan showed a baby but we could not see a heartbeat.

There was no further scan until after the wedding.

I could not bear the not knowing. I had to know on our wedding day that our baby was alive.

We booked a private scan.

There was our glimmer of hope. A flicker of love. A teeny tiny beating heart.

Matilda Mae was born.

On September 10th 2011 we were married. I became a wife and nobody knew our beautiful secret.

That all our children were with us, in one way or another, on the day that we were wed.

The day that we knew we would be a family of five!

The day that was our wedding day.

The day we had our wonderful secret!

Just look what love has done!

The Day That … We Had A Wonderful Secret!

This post is my entry into the The Day That… blogger photo competition.

4 thoughts on “The Day That …

  1. Oh Jennie, you’ve made me sob! Oh heck.

    The twins birth story always makes me cry, they are such brave children and you are such an amazing mummy. I love your wedding photos, so happy.

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