Thank Goodies for Organix!

Oh Goodies It’s Snack Time!

It is no secret that here in the Edspire house we are fans of all that is Organix. It is definitely the toddler snack brand that we use the most.

Esther and William have a large breakfast everyday usually mixing and matching three bowls of cereal. They also tend to have a big tea or dinner but through the day they are grazers. They like to snack. They eat a lot of fruit their favourites being bananas, grapes and blueberries but they also love Organix Goodies.

Spicy Tomato Noughts and Crosses

Esther and William, at the moment, have a snack at about 10am, a lunchtime snack at about 12.30 and an afternoon snack at about 3.30pm. And they always eat in the car!

Twins Snack Anywhere!

Almost all of their snacks feature something from the Organix Goodies range. They love raspberry rice cakes and the carrot ones too. If a car journey is long enough they will eat a whole bag between them.

They love all of the Goodies fruity cereal bars but try as I might they will not eat the veg ones. Sorry Organix!

The fruit cereal bars from Organix come in a range of delicious flavours. Esther and William honestly love them all and eat at least two in one go. They can say ‘cereal bar’ beautifully. Each bar has two main fruity flavours such as apple and orange but they also contain oats, raisins and coconut. Each bar is bursting with organic Goodies goodness.

To complement raisins and grapes Esther and William enjoy a bag of cheese crackers. They also like to dip these into Dairy Lea! The cheese flavour is quite subtle in these crackers but it is definitely there.

Cheese Crackers and Raisins

To replace Wotsits Esther and William enjoy carrot sticks or cheese and herb puffs.

For a biscuit fix their favourites are Gingerbread Men and I have to say that I enjoy eating these too so we often share a bag whilst I also enjoy a hot (almost warm!) cup of tea. Organix Gingerbread Men contain wholegrain flour and are sweetened with grape juice. The bisuits contain no nasty additives and no sneaky sugar. And half the flour is wholegrain, added to increase the fibre and vitamin levels. It is because of this effort to keep toddler snacks as natural and healthy as possible that I am a fan of Organix and I am confident that they are great tasting foods to feed my brood.

Searching for Gingerbread

Esther and William love the animal and alphabet biscuits too. We eat so many Organix snacks in this house that I think we must play a huge part in keeping them in business. My Tesco shop each week has an Organix section all of its own.

Oh My Goodies!

And I have no worries at all about Esther and William eating so many Organix snacks because they all have the same No Junk Promise. The Organix range of Goodies organic yummy & nutritious toddler snacks are suitable from 12 months and avoid added salt, processed sugars or any nasty additives. I am confident that the twins are getting a delicious and healthy snack.


Organix Goodies range can be found in all major supermarkets or bought from the Organix online shop.

Watch out for our Organix Mighty Meals Challenge coming soon!!

We were sent a Goodies selection box for the purpose of this review.

Good Goodies!

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