Snoodie Review

As a breastfeeding Mummy I am a huge fan of the Mama Scarf and so I was very excited when I was recently sent a Snoodie from Mama Designs to review with Matilda Mae.

Nice Packaging!

A Snoodie is a baby dribble snood. It is a soft fabric scarf that absorbs baby dribble.

Snoodie Cutie!

The Snoodie is very absorbent. Matilda Mae is teeting really badly at the moment and often her sleepsuit and vest are both soaked through. With a Snoodie this saturation was far less as the dribble soaked into the Snoodie.

Some absorbed, some still dribbled!!

The Snoodie does what it is designed to do and it also looks very cute. I found it to be quite bulky on Matilda and she is not a small baby at almost 6 months and over 17lbs. The back of the Snoodie left a lot of unneeded fabric. I wonder if I was putting it on wrong?

Rear View Snoodie

The Snoodie is really very soft and so the excess material though looking a little strange did not seem to cause Matilda any discomfort. The Snoodie did keep her dry and she did look undeniably sweet.

Happy Customer

For Matilda and I the best thing is that this thick material snood does gently protect her neck from dribble and drool. She does tend to suffer with a sore neck where the dribble catches in her adorable rolls of fat!!

The Snoodie costs £6.95 and for such fashionable peace of mind and a dry chest through the chills of winter I feel that this is a very fair price.

You can buy a Snoodie for your little one to snuggle in at any of these stockists or purchase direct from Mama Designs on their website.

You can also check out Snoodies and other Mama Designs products at The Baby Show where they will be on Stand B3O.

See You Snood!

See you there!

We were sent one Snoodie for the purpose of this review.

7 thoughts on “Snoodie Review

  1. Hi Jennie, thanks for the review! That is just the design of the Snoodie :0) As her little neck gets longer it won’t seem so bulky. There is an image on my website that shows how it will sit at the back. Thanks, Keira x

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