The Graco Evo: In The Deep Dark Woods

As we are off to Coombe Mill for our holiday this year I thought I might start entering the Country Kids linky. Sorry to start with a review, I promise that next week I’ll do better x

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

The Gruffalo’s House

When asked what they would like to do today Esther and William announced that they would like to go for a picnic in the deep dark woods and search for their friend, The Gruffalo.

Snake Pool

Where we live there are lots of woods and we drive through them everyday to get out of our village. Every morning on our way to one activity or another we search the woodland for The Gruffalo, the mouse, the snake, the owl and the fox.

Owl House

Sometimes these creatures come into our car to dry off and shelter from the rain. We have to turn the fan on and the heater high to get the animals dry! When we go to school we drop The Gruffalo off in the woods next to the school and we always have to remember to pick him up again on the way home.

Searching for the Snake

Near to our old house, and where we go to a great toddler and twins club, there are some lovely woods. Esther and William love to explore and they have spotted The Gruffalo’s house, the owl’s nest, the fox’s underground house and the snake’s logpile. They truly believe that The Gruffalo is real and their imaginative play is infectious. We all have a go at spotting things and leading the play in a new direction. It is a wonderful way to spend our family time. A great way to explore and enjoy being out of doors.

A stroll in the deep dark woods

Today as we embarked upon a new but familiar adventure I thought it would be a good opportunity to put the Graco Evo through it’s paces.

Picnic in the woods

Here is what we found.

A Mummy took a stroll through the deep dark wood
She saw a Graco Evo and the Evo looked good

Evo Green!

With a large storage basket and a bright red muff
This looked to be a pram of superior stuff
She wandered nearer for a better look
On closer inspection Mummy was hooked

Big Storage Basket

The Evo is solid with a sturdy frame
It coped well with the bumps over which it came
It splashed through puddles and mud with ease
The Evo folds up with a one handed squeeze

Adding Books and Toys

The hood is deep providing protection and shade
The baby can at different gradients be laid
Baby can face mummy or face away
There are positions for eating and sleeping and play

Evo in the Park

The stroller seems comfortable as it bounces around
Coping quite well with the rough rutted ground
The break is easy with one foot to apply
The stroller is easy to steer and is light

Toddling Along with the Evo

The toddlers can hold it and walk alongside
I wonder if a board might fit for them to ride?
Matilda seems happy in her new bright red pram
I hope that she is as I know that I am

Happy Evo After!

It fits in the boot beside our twin buggy
With room to spare for bits for babies and mummy
The wheels can be locked or left unlocked to swivel
The hood kept baby dry in persistent wet drizzle

By the Bog

Matilda was snug and her skin felt all warm
The Evo protects her and keeps her from harm
I love being able to see her sweet face
The bumper bar holds all her toys in one place

Baby Evo

About the Graco Evo I have so much to say
Too much to describe to you all in one day
So for now let me finish by saying it all
With a line from a story loved by children so small

Finding Evo!

All was quiet in the deep dark wood
Mummy found the Evo and the Evo was good.

The Evo Looked Good

We are testing the Graco Evo with the hope of becoming the next Graco Ambassador for 2013.

Peeka Evo!

4 thoughts on “The Graco Evo: In The Deep Dark Woods

  1. Looks like a lovely adventure in those woods, I think your children will be quite at home here on our farm, plenty of places for a Gruffalo hunt! Pram looks like it might even manage our rough land too and possibly make it across the ford! Delighted to have you join me on Country Kids.

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