Getting Through The Day By Sorting Stuff

In loving memory of my beautiful Matilda Mae these boxes of milk and baby food and accessories have been taken to a local charity that will send them to people who need them.

Helping others in memory of matilda mae

These are the things that will have a place in our home and will forever be Matilda Mae’s.

For us of you x

These are the things that Matilda Mae will take with her to the skies.

Take these with you and know we love you x

The story of Matilda that I never did get to read to her, this beautiful bunny that she loved so very much, a picture of the three cheeky monkeys together and all wrapped in a vintage Essential One bag that travelled to so many places with Tilda and I. They are currently nestled on the suit in which she died. I wish her good morning and good night and will do for the rest of my life.

People grieve in different ways. It would seem that I write and I plan and I sort.

And every so often, more often than not, I cry.

I love you Matilda Mae.

I am struggling to be without you.

19 thoughts on “Getting Through The Day By Sorting Stuff

  1. Jennie, you are so brave, my bestest friend – Love you lots. Matlida would be so proud of you thinking of others. Love that photo, it was a happy day x x x

  2. oh Jennie, sort and pack, and plan, and write, and rest, and cry and scream and start all over again, because you have to do whatever you have to do right now just to get you through. Please know we’re all here tho to talk, to smile, to remmeber, to cry and to help in whatever way that may be.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Lovely lady you must do whatever is in your heart to do. You are having to find such inner strength at the moment and I don’t know how you are able too. It’s for E and W aswell as MM I know.
    My heart breaks for you all and you are constantly on my mind xxx

  4. It is so hard to hard to imagine the level of your pain right now. We are dealing with a scary cancer threat in my family right now and somebody told me that God gives its hardest battles to his toughest soldiers. I’m not sure what to make of it from a religious point of view, but to me it is a reminder to stay strong in whichever way that might be. I hope you have the space to cry, plan, write and do whatever you need to do. I also hope that you might get access to some counselling if you feel like you need it.
    Big hugs to you all and lots of virtual cuddles to Esther and William
    Requiescat in Pace Matilda Mae

  5. I hope you don’t mind me commenting on your blog. I am also a fellow blogger, I do not even know you, but I’ve found out about your loss through Twitter.
    I just wanted to say that we are thinking of you and your family. A big well done to you for expressing yourself – it is better to let it all out than to keep it to yourself.
    Just by reading this blog post, I am in tears – I can’t even imagine what you are going through at the moment, but please keep strong for your children!
    May God Bless You! xxxx

  6. Keep writing, keep planning, keep sorting – & keep crying if you need to; whatever you need to do. Thinking of others, giving to charity in your great grief – you’re a special person, & so was Matilda Mae x

  7. I think she will love that bunny, that’s such a lovely and perfect thing. I wish I could take your pain away and give you a massive hug. Thinking of you at this very difficult time xx

  8. You are so strong to be thinking of others yet again, Jennie. You truly are an amazing and beautiful person. Keep writing, keep planning, keep sorting, keep talking and keep crying xxx

  9. Oh Jennie, what special things to remember her by, and I think Matilda would smile knowing her food and little treats were going to help others. I love the photograph of the three of them, beautiful.

    You grieve in the way that helps you, I had people walk across the road to avoid having to get into conversation with me, because I now know they just didn’t know what to say. It’s so hard for everyone, but all I know is talking about it helped me, very much. I know in my case I didn’t get to know him, his personality, but he was still my baby and I had lots of hopes and dreams for him. Be gentle on yourself, it’s all so raw.

    Thinking of you very much.

    ‘The brightest candle burns the shortest’

    x x x x

  10. I still can’t believe that Matilda has joined the angels. All I can say is I know what you are feeling and going through and you are being extremely strong. You need to follow your heart in how you grieve and if that means planning, sorting and writing then do them things. Also remember that there are lots of people, some who haven’t even met you, that are thinking of you and your family at this sad time and hopefully you will find comfort in knowing that people care. If you need to talk then don’t hesitate to get in touch, but don’t worry if you aren’t ready for that. Xx
    RIP Matilda and watch over your mummy, daddy, brother and sister.

  11. I am so very very sorry for your loss of your little girl. I lost my younger brother recently and feel some of your pain, sudden death is so tough, especially when the future should or could have been so bright. You can get through this and we do, we keep going for our family and our cherished loved one. Friends are amazing.. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. xox

  12. Jennie, I have not stopped thinking of you and your beautiful family. I have no words of comfort, except to say you are not writing into a void of silence. We are all here for you, listening. Much, much love to all. I wish my words weren’t so empty and there was something I could do to make all this better. For now though, know that there is a community here if you need us. xxx

  13. Again, I am amazed by your strength! You are making your little girl so proud! I’m so glad you are able to do all of this and it is helping you get through these horribly hard days! I think the things you have saved of Matilda’s are just perfect!

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