The Little Life of Matilda Mae

The Birth of Matilda Mae

Then There Were Three

What’s In A Name? Matilda Mae

First Time in the Sun

The Day We Turned A Corner

Out and About with Ruby and Ginger

The Essential One

We All Scream Together

3 Weeks On: Sick and Tired

Four Weeks with Matilda Mae

Breast Friends with Benefits

Matilda Mae at 1 Month

Breastfeeding Through A Sickness Bug

Why Breastfeeding Is Making Me Sad

My Breastfeeding Support

The Baba Sling Review

The Essential One: A Brit Mums Baby Review

Baby’s First Calendar

Matilda Mae at 2 Months

Melba Maternity Review

Matilda Mae at 3 Months

The Day That … We Had A Wonderful Secret

Tummy with Mummy and Matilda Mae

Matilda and the Baby Bjorn Miracle

Photo Shoot won at Brit Mums Live 2012

I’ve Lost My Mum!

I Can’t Get No Sleep

Seeking Solace in a Cheesy Tuc

Baby Basics Are Essential

An Essential Vintage

Dear Matilda Mae

Splash Handi Review

My Stokke Wish List for Matilda Mae

A Mother’s Love

4 thoughts on “The Little Life of Matilda Mae

  1. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain you are feeling right now. I am so so sorry for your loss of your beautiful little girl, I cannot offer advice as I have no idea what it feels like but we all know how loved she was and what a special little girl she was from reading your blog, she will always be the brightest star in the sky shining down on you and her daddy and brother and sister. Her life ended way to early but her memories will live on forever. Stay strong and remember what a wonderful job you did to make her so happy for the time she was with you, god bless you all x

  2. And what a fantastic life it was, you made it that way. I as well remember reading all these posts, was so special to watch her grow through your posts and photos! Love x x x

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